Comicosity Book Club: #PlanetaryClub

27_full_cover-lrgWarren Ellis. John Cassaday. Laura Martin.


That’s right, the Comicosity Book Club, for the entire month of January, will be reading Planetary! Starting January 1, and switching volumes each Monday, we will be reading through the iconic sci-fi adventure series and asking all of you how join in to use the #PlanetaryClub tag on Twitter!

Planetary tells the tale of Elijah Snow and his team of super-powered individuals who deem themselves the “Archeologists of the Impossible” and embark on adventures unlike anything you’ve ever read. The series features homages to many Golden Age comic book archetypes and other pop culture elements, and is full of mystery, action and intrigue. This is Ellis and Cassaday at their best, and that’s saying something for this pair.

While it may have taken forever to come out in single issues (27 issues in 10 years), the entire series is available now in multiple formats!

Planetary Vol. 1: All Over The World And Other Stories TPB
Planetary Omnibus
Planetary on comiXology
…or check for singles at your local comic shop!

Each week we will post a roundup of tweets we find and a few interesting links like retro reviews and interviews about the book when it was initially released.

The schedule for the book club will be:

January 1-11: Volume 1
January 12-18: Volume 2
January 19-25: Volume 3
January 26-February 1: Volume 4

So, dig out your singles, order some trades or get over to comiXology and get ready for #PlanetaryClub starting January 1, 2015!


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