Comics I Need to Read: what qq

Hey, it’s me! Mexi Gremillion! Talking about more comics I need to read.

While most of the comics I talk about are linear, fictional tales that reach into the realms of fantasy, magical realism, or science fiction, this month’s addition is a bit different. This week, we’re going to be talking about life with:

what qq by Carlisle Robinson

what qq is a slice of life comic composed of one-off “episodes”, likes a series of vignettes. It’s similar to webcomics like Johnny Wander. It’s an autobiographical comic series of sorts, talking about the life and experiences of Robinsion as a deaf trans masculine queergender person.


One of the reasons this comic is worth the read is because of the evolution of the art created by Robinson. While what qq is still pretty young, only about two years old, there’s definitely an arch in the artstyle, going from good art and transforming into even greater creations. Intricate details are added as time goes on and Robinson strives towards more complex comic stripes.

The addition I find to be the most impressive is probably the usage of gifs within their comic. Not only do the gifs provide an animated appeal to them, but the use of the gifs is both for informative and creative, allowing Robinson to both educate the layman about ASL as well as allow them to express themself in their first language, which is amazing.

If you’re not part of the community Robinson lives their life in, you probably don’t think much about the fact that English is actually some people’s second language and that ASL is a completely separate language, filled with creative and definitively different ways to express oneself, or even that American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) are two different things. I never really knew about it until reading this comic.

I’ve probably learned more about the culture and experiences of the deaf and the hearing impaired in this comic than I ever had in any fiction that has a deaf or multiple deaf characters. Robinson explains the ups and downs of their life in a great way and allows those who may not live like them to follow along, if they choose to. I tip my hat to Robinson for being nice to us hearies and explaining situations a bit more thoroughly in their second language so that we understand as well.

If you have any time, read what qq here: or check out Robinson’s other works here Their work is truly worth your time.

Next month, I’ll be reading:

Glow #1 by Ray Chou and Vincezo Ferriero

If you want to read along with me, you can purchase a digital copy of Glow here: I know this is the first comic here that you actually need to buy to read, but it’s a pretty cheap purchase.

If you have any thoughts on what qq or have a creator I should try reading, please, email me at Who knows? Maybe I’ll talk about your thoughts or read something by that creator!

See you next month!