Dream Team: Our Perfect AVENGERS Rosters [Part 5]

Our Avengers Dream Roster week, celebrating the new volume of Avengers,  concludes today…with a bang!

In an email thread that spanned 40+ messages, members of the Comicosity team each submitted one team member each for a dirty dozen of epic Avengers goodness!

Be sure to check out our rosters from earlier in the week, here:

….and, without further ado, we present the Ultimate Comicosity Avengers Roster!



Members: Captain America, She-Hulk, Spectrum, Arachne, Hercules, M, Storm, Daredevil, Sister Grimm, Mockingbird, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, America Chavez

Captain America

Steve Rogers, non-Nazi, 100% Hydra-free. (Doug Zawisa)


You know if you ask me… (Jessica Boyd)


100% ready to tell you she was on the Avengers Team at some point. (Terrence Sage)


Repowered with her Spider abilities, keeping the precog abilities as her time as Madame Webb, and down to take on evil as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. (Allen Thomas)


Finally out of the closet and willing to take his shirt off for any occasion whatsoever. (Matt Santori)


Allowed to actually do things in a Marvel comic even though she’s a mutant and still as badass as ever. (Mexi Gremillion)


Because it’s crazy she hasn’t been one. (John Ernenputsch)
Pssst. She has. (Doug Zawisa)


So he can dress up in his devil duds, radar some street crime to tackle along the way, and get the Avengers out of tricky legal situations. (Nikki Powers)

Sister Grimm

✨🎇💥 (Draven Katayama)


Because we have a feminist agenda. Duh.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Get ready for the true dynamic duo of the Marvel universe….. *intense theme music pumping through the speakers* (Aaron Long)

Ms. America Chavez

Because EVERYONE chose her. Literally everyone.


And that’s a wrap for Avengers Dream Roster Week! Thank you for reading along and having fun with us!