Exclusive Preview: DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: OUT OF THE BOTTLE Chapter 9

DC Comics has shared its EXCLUSIVE preview of today’s new chapter in the DC Super Hero Girls saga “Out of the Bottle,” teaming Wonder Woman creative team Shea Fontana and Mirka Andolfo. Scroll down to view full sized preview images.

Written by Shea Fontana
Art by Mirka Andolfo, Agnes Garbowska, Silvana Brys, and Janice Chiang
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: August 9, 2017

The origin of Enchantress is revealed! Can the girls use clues from Ms. Moone’s comics story to stop the evil sorceress before it’s too late?

It’s incredible how Mirka’s talents can bounce from Wonder Woman to DC Super Hero Girls. In this issue, she provides the art that was, in the story, supposed to be drawn by June Moone aka The Enchantress. So, in a way, she’s playing a character and the result is totally “enchanting!” I love the way Mirka’s style compliments and contrasts with the fantastic art Agnes is doing throughout the rest of the issue.

– Shea Fontana

When I was offered a chance to work on Wonder Woman with Shea Fontana, I didn’t have any doubts: I immediately accepted. Shea is a great writer. She writes scripts that are perfectly fitting with my style, and every talk we’ve had has been inspiring and useful.

That’s one of the reason why I was excited to work on DC Super Hero Girls. I didn’t know the series very well, but I was happy to have the chance to work again with Shea, especially drawing something that’s different from what I usually draw. I hope that’s evident from my pages.

– Mirka Andolfo

This week’s chapter is available for download Friday via the DC Comics App, Readdcentertainment.com, iBooks, comixology.com, Google Play, Kindle Store and Nook Store.


Images courtesy DC Comics.


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