Full List of DC Comics’ VILLAINS MONTH #1s

This September, DC Comics is putting its usual ongoings on hold to release 52 villain-centered specials spinning out of their top tier titles. Each story will be either a one-shot or jumping-on point for October storylines across the DCU. Each of the 52 titles will feature a 3D cover, utilizing new, ultra-thin technology not employed in comic books before, and will retail at $3.99. Regular prices on all New 52 titles will resume in October. Covers and creative teams as known are in the gallery below.

Also in September, DC launches its first full universe event of the New 52, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by David Finch, called Forever Evil. Spinning out of July and August’s Justice League crossover Trinity War, this 7-issue monthly mini-series will focus on the development and mission of the Secret Society of Villains. Forever Evil is supported by three 5-issue mini-series starting in October, titled The Rogues, ARGUS, and Arkham War.



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  1. craigmacd said:

    The only ones that really interest me are Clayface (’cause its written by John Layman) and Ocean Master and Black Manta.

  2. ScarlettMi said:

    With not all of the books announced so far, I’m probably going to be down from roughly 30 DC books in August to around 20 in September. Price-wise it’ll probably come out to about the same for me in the end. Maybe a little less if nothing else interests me… maybe a little more if the last few announced really grab me.

  3. Peripeteia said:

    Thanks so much for compiling this — really useful for getting a birds eye view of all the titles, covers & creators involved. That said, I’ll probably just buy one or two issues just for the 3D covers.

  4. Dean said:

    Here’s the thing, when TV shows have their winter finale and they are gone for a month or so, when they return, I usually stop and think “Did I even miss them?” I wonder how much of that will be done when the rest of the line takes a month off.