Heroes Con 2014 Retrospective & Cosplay Gallery

Heroes Con, hosted by the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find comic shop in Charlotte, NC, is a comic book convention for those who love comic books but hate conventions. The big publishers don’t attend. There’s no programming or floor space specifically devote to TV, movie, or video game tie-ins to comic book material. It’s sort of what Special Edition NYC was trying to do this year – NYCC but ONLY the comics – except Heroes Con has been doing it all along, and they have a Bojangles upstairs.

HC_11_floorThe staff and organizers of Heroes Con do a great job fostering a relaxed, inclusive environment that attracts some of the biggest talent in the business from all corners, while still making a concerted effort to highlight more independent creators in their Indie Island space. The space itself is roomy, even at its most crowded, so those of you with personal space concerns can move around comfortably. The pricing is great, as is the neighborhood. The panel selection is very diverse:  Image Writers/Artists, LGBT in Comics, Self Publishing, Intro to Cosplay, and fandom-driven sessions like Carol Corps and Sex Criminals Sunday.

You can easily go broke at this con on commissions alone, not to mention the annual auction. Artists create works on a stage central to the con floor; seating is provided so you can watch them work. Then they auction it all off on Saturday night (proceeds help defray the costs of the convention itself) while fans mingle with creators in the hotel lobby. The interaction between fans and creators is one of the best things about Heroes – the program is not so overbooked that everyone is always running from one thing to another, giving writers and artists time to talk and giving the fans a more personalized experience. You’ll also meet a ton of your favorite podcast and webshow hosts (*cough*).

Finally, because this article has Cosplay Gallery in the title, here is a fraction of the amazing cosplay we encountered. There really is nothing to hate about this con. Make sure you add it to your schedule next year.  All pictures are courtesy of Scott, Karen, Jessica, and Alison.


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