Horror Anthology RECONDITE HILL: THINGS TO SEE Hits Kickstarter

There are a lot of strange stories that come from Recondite Hill. Tales of a haunted woods, and of the town nestled within them. Of familiar yet horrifying things that slither in the dark, stalking the unsuspecting residents down the quiet streets. But there is also the unknown, lurking in the outskirts of the town.

They are always watching, waiting for the right moment.

Their time has now come.

Welcome to Recondite Hill.

Recondite Hill: Things to See is an anthology of horror comics based in the fictional town of Recondite Hill, offered now through October 10 on Kickstarter.

This spooky town is everywhere and nowhere, full of strange incidents and even stranger creatures lurking in the shadows. It is, in essence, a love letter to those weird local stories about monster sightings, unexplained events, and forbidden places. These stories are captured in black-and-white grayscale on 110 pages of haunting comics and illustrations by 24 magnificent artists and writers.

This book has been lovingly put together by a group of diverse, up-and-coming creators, many of whom are LGBTQ+ and/or POC, including:

  • Adam V Massimiano & Cori Walters
  • Alegra ‘Al’ Figeroid
  • Alex Yun
  • Ally Schroy
  • Amanda Borrelli
  • Crowbrat
  • Hanna Schroy
  • Jonathan Herzog
  • Juliette GMM López
  • Kevin Mahadeo & Javier Martín Caba
  • Lonnie Garcia
  • Maggie Kelner
  • Raeonda Ramoutar
  • Lisa Wolinsky & Melissa McGee
  • Tara Leblanc
  • Melissa Capriglione
  • Dave Pender
  • Sofia Reyes (cover art and editing)

This is the first book run by the editors Jaci Menard and Steph Vinke: a writer/artist and editor team of queer women who love unique stories and spooky monsters. With the Recondite Hill: Things to See Anthology, they are looking to make their own mark in the indie comic industry.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to cover the cost of any physical books purchased, and to pay the artists and writers for their work. The Kickstarter will be running until October 10th at 11:00am EDT. Pledge yourself today!


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