HOT FIVE: Week of December 24th, 2013

Welcome to to a special Christmas week edition of Comicosity’s Hot Five. Hot Five is a short list of the top books we think you’ll want to be checking out. Be they new title launches, key issues or just continuing stories from some of the industry’s most acclaimed books, this list is your guaranteed gold for the week in the comic market!

Given that this week is a special week with only a handful of releases, I am going to break my established rules and double dip with issues already featured in this month’s Hot Five: Extended Edition. It is a small, but important week in releases, so savior and enjoy your comics this week, and Merry Christmas to all!

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Esad Ribic
Published by Marvel Comics – $3.99

“ROGUE PLANET” – Part 1 of 5
• Captain America and Iron Man plan for the next version of the Avengers.
• A runaway planet is on a collision course with Earth.
• A visitor from the future helps save the day.

Why It’s Hot: All-New Marvel NOW! begins here for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. With Infinity over and All-New Marvel NOW! beginning, this issue serves as the start of the next phase of Hickman’s truly epic Avengers run, and a perfect jumping on point for new readers! As a way to further entice new readers to jump on board, ten .NOW issues of ongoing comics will come with not only a digital code for the issue in hand, but will also feature a free digital code for the series’ entire first collection. A small week, the beginning of Hickman’s next story and SEVEN comics for the price of one should make picking up this issue a no brainer this Christmas Eve!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Published by DC Comics – $3.99

It’s all-out chaos as the DC Universe continues its march through darkness! War erupts across the Earth between the villains! Allegiances are formed! Rivals are murdered! And at center stage it’s Lex Luthor versus Batman—and their fight couldn’t come at a worse time as Deathstroke’s Hunting Party closes in on the world’s only hope against the Crime Syndicate!
This issue is also offered as a combo pack edition with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue.

Why It’s Hot: Forever Evil returns for another installment of comic’s greatest villains wrecking havoc on the DC Universe that will bring pleasure to even the most Scrooge-like comic reader this Christmas! Lex Luthor has formed his own team to bring down the Crime Sydicate, but it looks as if they will have to deal with Batman first. It’s one genius billionaire versus another, as Batman takes on Lex Luthor. That right there should be enough to sell the book, but then Deathstroke is waiting in the wings!

justl_cv26_dsJUSTICE LEAGUE #26
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
Published by DC Comics – $3.99

A FOREVER EVIL tie-in! Why has the Crime Syndicate really come to our Earth? What are their darkest secrets? And how will their actions fundamentally change the Justice League as we know it? Meanwhile, Grid controls the world’s power and communications, but what does he truly want from the Syndicate? Plus, a member of the League struggling to survive plots a path of return…and revenge.

Why It’s Hot: Where Forever Evil  proper is focusing on the Crime Syndicate’s assault on the DC Uninverse from a macro level, Justice League focuses more on the individual members of the Sydicate as their back stories and personalities are being fleshed out here. After pieces of dialogue hinting as to the reason why the Crime Syndicate invaded it looks as if this issue may start shedding a light on specifics, thus making this issue a must read for fans of the event!

ORIGIN2013001_acetate_LRORIGIN II #1 (OF 5)
Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Adam Kubert
Published by Marvel Comics – $4.99

Part 1 of 5! A few years after the events of ORIGIN finds James Howlett running with the wolves…until something unexpected brings him back into the world of Follow the first “X-Man” as he finds his way back to civilization and falls afoul of someone Sinister, who’s just discovering mutantkind and the horrors he can visit on them. Plus, discover the secret behind James’ greatest enemy! At some point, the mutant who will become The Wolverine must choose: is he man or is he beast? An all-new chapter in the secret origin of one of Marvel’s most mysterious characters is revealed starting this November, by superstars Kieron Gillen (YOUNG AVENGERS, IRON MAN) and Adam Kubert (AVENGERS, UNCANNY X-MEN, WOLVERINE)!

Why It’s Hot: The sequel to one of the biggest mini series in Marvel’s history, continuing the origin story of one of it’s most popular characters, featuring an all star creative team with a legendary artist and one of the best writers in comics today, promises to be one of the year’s biggest releases! As a X-Men fan this is an absolute must read, as a comic fan come and appreciate the artistry of two of the medium’s finest creators.

saviors01_coverTHE SAVIORS #1
Written by James Robinson
Art by J. Bone
Published by Image Comics – $2.99

Eisner Award winner JAMES ROBINSON (Starman, Earth 2) and artist extraordinaire J. BONE (The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror, The Spirit) present an all-new saga of monstrous alien horror.
When Tomas Ramirez stumbles upon an extraterrestrial conspiracy to take over the world, his life is changed forever. He must now seek out those few souls who share this terrible knowledge. But even united, how can they hope to defeat a shadowy alien cabal that is both indestructible and eager to kill anyone who threatens it?

Why It’s Hot: One of the most accomplished writers working today, James Robinson, jumps into the creator owned arena with artist J.Bone to bring us The Saviors, a book that promises a bunch of interesting, unique characters, and a dose of alien conspiracy. Combine this with J. Bone’s unique art style that one wouldn’t normally associate with this kind of story, and you have an intriguing comic to check out this Christmas!

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