Interview: A.J. Lieberman Discusses HARVEST

On August 1, prepare to be Harvested. A.J. Lieberman and Colin Lorimer are preparing to take readers into the seedy and vile world of illegal organ harvesting. This is a not a world for the weak willed or those with a weak stomach, and Lieberman took time out of his schedule to discuss the book and what readers can expect from Harvest.

Aaron Long: Can you discuss how Harvest came to be?

A.J. Lieberman: If you mix the right amount of certain prescription antihistamines with large doses of Red Bull you’d be amazed at what you can come up with. All I knew was that I wanted to do something based on a ex-surgeon and I wanted the character to be in the same vein as Al Swearengen from Deadwood, Vic Mackey from the Shield, Walter White on Breaking Bad. Characters who are very, very hard to root for but you find yourself rooting for them anyway.

AL: Has the idea been kicking around your head for awhile?

AJL: No longer than my other books. Due to the medical aspects, the international backdrop and the specifics or organ donation HARVEST had way more research than say TERM LIFE and way, way more than COWBOY NINJA VIKING (which had none).

AL: The teasers for Harvest were seriously creepy. Straight from the architect’s mouth: what is the world of Harvest like?

AJL: Creepy is good word. As is “brutal” and “gritty” and “real” and “bloody” and did I say brutal yet? It’s pretty brutal. And yet oddly funny and with some cool action.

AL: Dr. Ben Dane is a dark man dealing in a dark world. Can you discuss his character and what is driving him through Harvest?

AJL: Dr. Ben is having a bad year. He falls from grace due to a serious dependency on drugs and alcohol and prostitutes. Three things that make it hard to be a surgeon. And yet Ben is GREAT f***ing surgeon. But this fall allows him to see his true calling in opposing this underground rogue medical team run by the series villain, JASON CRAVEN.

AL: How does 6 year old Noah factor into Harvest?

AJL: Ahh, Noah. Cute, adorable wise ass Noah. Noah is one of the lead characters in the book (the other being MARIKO, Ben’s Yakuza body guard). Noah is helpful to Ben in many ways but of which I can’t say much due to spoilers…

AL: Colin Lorimer brings the dark images of Harvest to life. How did he become involved with the project?

AJL: Colin and I hoked up a long time back, while I was still doing COWBOY NINJA VIKING and I loved the way he laid out a page, panel to panel and the over all effect. I’m very lucky to have him as a partner on this.

AL: Any final words for Comicosity’s readers regarding Harvest?

AJL: Yeah, if you dig dark tales order it. If you only like fantastic art, well we got that too. If you only buy comics for the incredible covers then we got that covered as well. In fact all five covers are linked to form one over all image.


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