Interview: Creator Peter Bagge Discusses RESET

Everyone has had a moment in life they wish they could they could call “DO OVER” and go back and change…don’t deny it, I know you have…what if there was a machine that would let you go back and relive moments? Would you do it? Peter Bagge dives into this and more with his new series Reset, published by Dark Horse Comics. Peter took time out of his busy schedule to dig a little deeper into the title and what readers can expect from Reset.

Aaron Long: Alright, Peter, let’s start at the beginning…how did Reset come to be? Have you been developing the concept for awhile?

Peter Bagge: It started me wondering what I would do differently if I could live my life over again — knowing what I know now, of course. I then wondered if and how one might do that virtually, via a computer app or some such. Hence, RESET.

AL: Straight from the creator’s mouth: how would you describe Reset for our readers?

PB: See above! The main character is a 40 something comedian/character actor who’s hit a bump in the road, career-wise. For that plus other reasons he’s the perfect candidate for said computer app. And surprise surprise, things go awry.

AL: Guy is, well, quite the guy…is he based on anyone in particular?

PB: Not really. I personally know many comics in that age group, but he’s really not based on any of them. I wanted him to be just some generic stand up guy, since what TYPE of comedian he is has nothing to do with the story,

AL: What appealed to you about basing the story on a washed up celebrity?

PB: It wasn’t the appeal. It was more pragmatic. For reasons explained in the story, a celebrity of some sort, even a minor one, would be the best test case for this application.

AL: Being able to relive one’s own history is quite a mental gamble – if given the option to sit in the headset yourself, would you open that Pandora’s Box to see what you’d find?

PB: Doing this comic actually cured me of this fantasy of living my life over. When all is said and done you’re still… YOU, for better or worse.

AL: Last words are to you, any final message for Comicosity’s readers?

PB: Just buy the book — and please don’t DOWNLOAD it from RapidShare!


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