MOM’S COVER WATCH: April 2, 2014

Happy Wednesday! April 2nd is full of fantastic covers and great comics, and Mom’s Cover Watch features five of the best you’ll see on shelves today.


Written by Charles Soule
Cover art by Kevin Wada
Published by Marvel Comics

Kevin Wada pretty much owns the trophy on classy comic covers. From his Hasting’s variant for X-Men #1 to this current series run on She-Hulk he is winning people over with his unique watercolor style.

Here She-Hulk is draped in the cloak of the looming Doom, as she begins a unique relationship with the not very well known character, his son Kristoff Vernard. It’s a surprising twist first introduced at the end of issue two, that holds lots of promise.

Yet, how can you truly know just how beautiful the gradient color change in the cloak to the neon glow of Shulkie’s skin can be the best cover you’ve ever seen? I’m cross-stitching it, in a 12.5 X 19 inch piece that equals over 1160 squares of 10 X 10 stitch squares. If that type of dedication to reproduction with little embroidery X-stiches doesn’t scream beauty, I don’t know what does.

redsonja8RED SONJA #3
Written by Gail Simone
Cover art by Jenny Frison
Published by Dynamite Entertainment

There is no water drawn, yet you know Sonja is in the water. There is no danger drawn, yet you know that it is lurking. This cover is about everything that is not drawn, yet all the story the cover is still showing.

When you have a very light gradient background highlighting the bright unlined red locks of Red Sonja a powerful color combination is inevitable. Jenny Frison is so skilled at showing detail and creating beautiful women. Here you have that, yet she tells so much more with implication than outright showing us what is happening. This movie poster style image is extremely powerful and provocative without a single bit of cleavage showing.


shotgunweddingSHOTGUN WEDDING #1
Written by William Harms
Cover art by Edward Pun
Published by Image Comics

This is a series of covers all coming out, each week of April, that will be fun to play connect the dots with.

An assassin leaves another assassin at the alter and then finds another woman. Needless to say the series of connecting covers for this miniseries can only lead to a “wedding album” of fantastically action packed memories. The first issues does not disappoint with former bride and current groom each featuring their own accessories of sidearms. Combined with classic floral backgrounds found on scrap-booking paper and cute little photo corners, it’s a perfect nod to a memorable day gone wrong.

whatif_ageofultron1WHAT IF AGE OF ULTRON #1
Written by Joe Keatinge
Cover art by Chris Stevens
Published by Marvel Comics

What If goes pulp in this latest cover that tackles the Age of Ultron storyline, and how else it could have come about. Ultron and his sentinels are no longer a secret and now a beloved character is fridged to see just how much more horrible Ultron could have been created. While the story might turn many off, the cover is a beautiful portrait of the story this issue introduces. The red of the eyes grab your attention. The Wasp and the looming hand work together to bring the eye across the page, down and across. With a weathered border and muted background colors, the pulp book feeling is complete.


Detective 30DETECTIVE COMICS #30
Written by Brian Buccellato, Francis Manapul
Cover art by Francis Manapul
Published by DC Comics

Francis Manapul has created a cover of genius. Through a series of inlays he has created frames for a set of multiple characters. Batman strikes the most distinctive figure against the flood yellow. Black and yellow are known for creating the highest level of contrast for the easiest to see reading experience. So, it’s logical if this is the first image your mind sees. However, from there you look through layers of pink, purple and golden-red to see the various figures that are revealed throughout this narcotic filled storyline. It’s a clever and stylish beginning for the creative team that made The Flash such a hit for art-fans.


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