MOM’S COVER WATCH: July 9, 2014

Anniversaries, colors on point and images where you’re not completely sure what is happening (but you’ll like it) are all over the various covers that the mother of all comics has dug up for the week of July 9, 2014.
Variant Cover by Cliff Chiang
Published by DC Comics

This is pure happiness in a cover. Instead of the cold, steel eyes of determination, the joy of flying through the air in the city you love is returned to the reader. A two tone sponge texture background of gold and orange contrasts with the various purples and blues found in the city along with Batgirl’s cape. The layering of characters there, touching on her history, for this 75th Batman anniversary variant is even more heart-warming. It’s clean, classic and beautiful as well as uplifting.

Cover by Francis Manapul
Published by DC Comics

The outline of a gun.

The characters at play.

And, who is right there at the end of the crumpled barrel? Our hero. This is a great use of pastels in a rainbow style feature. the characters throughout the shape give a noir feeling to this series that has always been about the mystery and less about the super. Transposing the colors of the masthead also creates an extra dimension, as well as visibility that adds to the image instead of detract from it.

Cover art by David Lopez
Published by Marvel Comics

Surrounded by aliens of gold on all sides our golden-haired hero is able to stand out from the crowd in her uniform of primary colors. It’s a great way of providing lots of detail and action while keeping the focus on Carol by giving an almost solid color surrounding. Carol’s body is angled across the page instead of completely straight, in order to bring your eye across and to show her leaning into the action, not cowering away. She’s the lead of the female super-hero movement this past year and this cover continues to speak to that.

daredevil5_2014DAREDEVIL #5
Cover art by Chris Samnee
Published by Marvel Comics

Besides Samnee’s facial renderings, the contrasts between light and dark and the stellar, clean colors, any other guesses why this cover is on The Watch? Even those who haven’t been reading Daredevil have been hearing about the fate of Foggy Nelson. Now, that takes the full spotlight in this cover. It’s comics, no one stays dead for long, but the metaphorical image of what is happening with Nelson here is so powerful, without ever showing his face.

Cover art by Nick Pitarra
Published by Oni Press

There is an astoundingly creative grouping? menagerie? get together? happening on this cover. Once again the palette that is all the rage this year, pastels, stream across the cover. However, what is interesting are the elements that get deeper, richer tones. The dress, the shoes, basically all the elements associated with the figure above everyone else has a deeper color associated with it that helps it stand-out, provide a shadow or contrast that it is closer to you as well as a dash of drama. Compounded with the shogun, alien, elephant and other various characters grouped together, it creates a dynamic cover to get your attention.


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