MOM’S COVER WATCH: June 25, 2014

The mother of all comics is ready to acknowledge that DC Comics knows good artists when they have them and knows just the right way to let them show off for the week of June 25, 2014.
Superman32SUPERMAN #32
Written by Geoff Johns
Cover art by John Romita Jr.
Color by Klaus Janson
Published by DC Comics

It’s an instant classic: Clark Kent racing across the page to become Superman! However, here it’s a wrap around cover that grabs a hold of you and never wants to let go. If there were any concerns that Clark might look too much like Peter Parker, with Romita switching from the long and lanky to the full-bodied, let those concerns be brushed aside. This is a quintessential looking Superman, even with the New 52 style of body suit. The lines going across seem cleaner, the intent look on his face is grave without looking mad or angry. Janson’s colors are bright and exciting with a background that explodes with energy. It’s the kind of Superman we all have been asking and deserving of for a long time.


Written by Max Landis, Fabian Nicieza
Cover art by Jock
Published by DC Comics

On the flip side of stoic but heroic we have Jock’s take with the Joker playing superhero in the most creepy of fashions. Seeing this digital first book spring to life online I’ve been waiting to spring on this cover. The pop-art dots bleed and give way to the Superman logo that is solid and holds true despite it’s mischievous wearer. The muted versions of purple and white used on the Joker along with the additional treatment, as opposed to the solid color used on the Superman logo, create a subtle and metaphorical juxtaposition between the good and evil, right and wrong. This twist to the art makes it leap from the store shelves saying, “Buy me now, and tremble with laughter at what you might find inside.”
Written by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover art by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts
Published by DC Comics

A Clockwork Orange meets schizophrenic and perhaps slightly rotting. Reprints are not normally fair game for the Cover Watch, however Conner & Mounts stellar take that actually hits a little close to home for this book, on the violence factor, cannot be ignored.

The blade has been replaced by a bloody hammer. The triangle changed out for a star. Plus the traditional white and orange is given the black & red Harley treatment along with an appearance from her half-exploded beaver whom only she can hear. The elements create such a perfect fit for a stellar cover treatment. You don’t know if Harley is going to be evil or heroic, or perhaps commit acts of the devil in her quest to help others, but she’s a perfect fit either way. If you normally do not buy variants this just might tempt you to… especially with the extra content found inside.


Written by Charles Soule
Cover art by Andrea Sorrentino
Published by DC Comics

Chilling, frightening and full of rage. These are things that normally make up a Red Lantern, but now the most frightening Red Lantern of them all is taking center stage for the darkest feeling cover yet. Sorrentino has created the most iconic images in this series so far with this beautifully horrific cover. Known for creating stellar images of villains, such as the Joker, Sorrentino continues that style with Atrocitus. The words etched in the background call out with a singular purpose. The sponged and scattered darkness at the bottom and brightness at the top create a feeling of flame, fire and blood… all of the trademarks for this violent group of lanterns who are about to be in a civil war.


Written by Robert Venditti & Various
Cover art by Lee Bermejo
Published by DC Comics

Once again we flip-flop from the evil to the heroic with Bermejo’s version of Hal Jordan. One of the best things to come out of the new Secret Origins series are these covers. The pale pastel treatment given to the background characters that have shaped and influenced others helps show they are in the past. The main heroes are given a full glowing color treatment to help them stand out and shine like they are flying toward the sun itself. It’s a beautiful and inspiring image, especially if you are a Green Lantern fan.


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