Monkeybrain Comics Hit Store Shelves This Summer

Monkeybrain Comics has announced physical copies of their comics will hit stores this summer. Edison Rex and Amelia Cole & The Unknown World will be published by IDW Publishing, and Masks & Mobsters will be published by Image Comics.

Official Press Release

MB_Pixels_PrintPortland, OR (February 27, 2012) – Monkeybrain Comics is pleased to announce the premiere print editions of their popular digital-first comics, heading to stores this summer.

Chris Roberson and Dennis Culver’s EDISON REX gets it all started in June with a collection published by IDWEDISON REX is the story of the world’s greatest villain, who finally defeats his lifelong nemesis, the world’s greatest hero, and then has to decide what to do with the rest of his life.

July will see the release of MASKS & MOBSTERS by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Mike Henderson published byShadowline/ImageMASKS & MOBSTERS is a noir-fueled anthology series set in the days of the Depression, and examines what happens to organized crime when masked crimefighters with superpowers first hit the scene.

And then in August, IDW will be releasing AMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD by writers Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbrideand artist Nick BrokenshireAMELIA COLE AND THE UNKNOWN WORLD is the story of a young woman who lives in two worlds, one mundane and one magical, who finds herself trapped in a third world in which the mundane and the magical exist side-by-side, however uneasily.

“Print collections have been a main goal from the beginning and it’s really exciting to see such a major piece of the plan fall into place,” Allison Baker says, “especially since it means even more people get to discover the amazing work of our creators!”

Other collections will be announced in coming months, with many more to follow.

About Monkeybrain Comics

Launched in the summer of 2012 by New York Times-bestselling writer Chris Roberson and TV commercial and film producer Allison Baker, Monkeybrain Comics was designed to be a home for quality creator-owned comics made available in digital format via the Comics By comiXology platform. The Onion AV Club has named Monkeybrain Comics the “premier destination for high-quality digital comics,” and IGN has said that Monkeybrain is “the company that seems to be doing [digital comics] best.” Monkeybrain titles were frequently cited in critics’ year-end surveys, and MASKS & MOBSTERS was named the Best Digital Series of 2012 by USA Today.

 Monkeybrain Comics are available for purchase via the Comics by comiXology platform on phones, tablets, digital readers, and computers, and will now be available for the first time in print collections.


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