Most Anticipated Comics of 2018

BE GONE WITH YE, 2017! It’s 2018 now, and we’re looking at the slate of awesome with our MOST ANTICIPATED COMICS OF 2018!

I know I said “be gone” with 2017, but you can check out our full slate of “Best Of” lists here:

Without further ado, Comicosity’s most anticipated comics of 2018:


MJ Rae


Ivy Noelle Weir, Christina “Steenz” Stewart – Oni Press

I have been excited for this book since before it was even officially announced. It has been on my pull list for over a year and it doesn’t even exist yet! If you love adorable art, sweet relationships, museums, libraries, and ghosts, this is the perfect book! Even if you don’t like those things (weird) this book is so adorable it will win you over immediately. Ivy Noelle Weir and Steenz are the perfect team, and their skills shine in this wonderful graphic novel. Join Cel in March 2018 for a touching journey of self-discovery and friendship in Archival Quality.

Runners-Up: Bingo Love, Thrawn


Doug Zawisza


Jeff Lemire, Ivan Reis, Doc Shaner – DC Comics

The one book that looks fantastic to me is The Terrifics from Jeff Lemire, Ivan Reis, and Evan Shaner. It’s got a stretchy guy, an invisible girl, a rocky (sometimes) guy, and a brilliant scientist. We’re told it’s coming, spinning out of Metal, and, for now, it looks like the closest thing we’re going to get to a Fantastic Four series. Harnessing the energy of inspiration from the Fantastic Four, the Terrifics has the luxury of bringing elements together that have never been combined to create something new – and I’m thrilled to get it.

Runners-Up: X-Men Red (Taylor & Asrar doing the X-Men?! VERY interested), Quantum & Woody, Anything that happens to feature Hawkman/woman/girl, which we should have had this year. . .


E.A. Sofia


Alex de Campi, Carla Speed McNeil, Katie Skelly, Sarah Horrocks, Magen Cubed, Alejandra Gutierrez, Meredith McClaren, Vita Ayala, Margaret Trauth, Jess Bradley, Trungles, Sarah Winifred Searle, Naomi Salman – Image Comics

Twisted Romance is a four-issue weekly anthology miniseries due out in February 2018, and I’m looking forward to it due being a fan of the work of some of the contributors’ previous work. I’m also interested in reading more romance comics, and as I’ve often thought that reading anthologies is a good way to become more familiar with a genre, this series looks like a good opportunity to do just that. With two comic stories and one prose story per issue, I anticipate that this miniseries will have a lot of content with varied themes despite its limited run.


Keith Callbeck


Matthew Dow Smith

Best known for his work on property books, Matthew Dow Smith’s creator-owned October Girl is his labor of love. Published at Monkeybrain, the first few issues came out several years ago and left me eagerly wanting more. Smith has been working away to have a bank of issues ready before beginning the next wave, which has me even more excited since I’ve seen teases of pages and panels for months on his social media. Pre-ordered, subscribed.

Runners-Up: Action Comics #1000, Green Lantern: Earth One


Aaron Long


Tony Cliff – :01 First Second

Delilah is one of the greatest characters you will find in comics these days and I am exceptionally excited to see what Tony Cliff has in store for readers this time around. Do yourself a favour and get acquainted with Delilah Dirk – you won’t be sorry you did.

Runners-Up: The Terrifics