NUMBERS GAME: Independents – January 2013

The non-Big Two companies took a bit of a hit in the first month of the year. All of the companies lost market share from December 2012, but they all increased from their numbers a year ago in January 2012.

The Small Market Top Tenwalkingdead106_covera

1 (19). The Walking Dead #106  (70,5260)
2 (38). Saga #9 (45,629)
3 (52). Invincible #100 (39,863)
4 (53). Star Wars #1 (39,663)
5 (88). Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9:Freefall #17  (23,219)
6 (97). Adventure Time #12  (20,407)
7 (108). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Foot Clan #1  (18,315)
8 (114). Revival #6 (17,396)
9 (115). Spawn #227 (17,172)
10 (117). Spawn #226  (16,814)

I don’t think I will be able to get through one of these articles without mentioning The Walking Dead in the independent portion. Almost every issue makes a story about sales and #106 is no different. Issue 106 is one of the first non-milestone issues of an indy comic to break the top 20 in a very long time and has yet to plateau on its uphill sales climb.

The top 10 is almost Image Comics dominant as well, with 6 of the 10 titles coming from them.


StarWars1coverThe Force is Strong with this One

Star Wars #1
January 2013: 39,663

Star Wars suffered from one of the oldest problems of the smaller comic book companies. How many copies of a comic do you print and how much do you trust it will be a success? With thin budgets as it is, companies such a Dark Horse with Star Wars do not have the luxury to gamble on a title and print 80,000 comics in hopes it becomes a smash hit. Star Wars sold out in most local comic shops, some in almost hours, and could have went on to sell many more. The series has already gone into second and third printings, but they won’t be able to catch that first day/first week sales hype again with the title.


invincible100_CvrGOttleyInvincible is Invisible?

Invincible #100
January 2013: 39,863 (+156%)
December 2012: 15,566 (+8%)
January 2012: 14,299

Another Robert Kirkman milestone issue. Invincible has never reached the popularity of The Walking Dead but it has a loyal fan base and sells well for an Image Comics title.  Issue 100 looks like a huge success, but I can’t help but feel that Image was hoping for bigger numbers.  You don’t put that many covers and variants on a title that is only expecting 40K in sales. It will be interesting to see where the sales go for the series after #100 and if Invincible can follow The Walking Dead‘s trend and tick up from here on out.


Revival #6Revival Continues to Stay Alive

Revival #6
January 2013: 17,396 (+23.4%)
November 2012: 14,098

Revival gets a mention here because of how impressively it has been able to keep its sales strong and consistent. If we go back to issue 1, the series opened to 18,039 in sales. That is only an astonishing 3.5% drop in 6 issues!  The comic works really well in the single issue format with it’s many twists and shock endings and Revival has been alright in getting out consistently (6 issues in  8 months). Image Comics also helped by including Revival as one of their $1.00 “Image Firsts” titles to further promote the title, quite possibly leading to the huge sales gain we see here.


Special thanks to Comichron for having more stats than any comic fan can imagine!

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