Preview: INVADER ZIM #36

Written by Tait Howard and Matthew Seely
Art by Tait Howard, Matthew Seely, and Warren Wucinich
Edited by Robin Herrera
Published by Oni Press
Release Date: October 31, 2018

Halloween! All Hallow’s Eve! Scare-Topia 2000! Whatever you call October 31st, ZIM doesn’t quite understand it. All he knows is that the candy given out on this terrible day must have some kind of mind-control substance inside of it (that he will of course exploit for world-taking-over purposes). When his investigation leads him to an abandonned factory and a band of feral children living off its sweet, sweet reserves, he’ll learn the hard way that some things are better left unknown. Special spooky guest issue by Tait Howard and Matthew Seely!


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