Preview: STAR-LORD #4

Written by Sam Humphries
Art by Javi Garron and Antonio Fabela
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: February 17, 2016

A GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND! A FALL FROM GRACE FOR PETER QUILL! Is young Star-Lord pirate enough to betray his species and steal the ASTERION ONE? Peter came to space to be a pilot, a pirate, avenge his mother’s murder by Badoon, and chew gum. Well, he’s all out of gum! And already did those first two things!

STARLORD2015004_DC11 STARLORD2015004_int2-1 STARLORD2015004_int2-2 STARLORD2015004_int2-3 STARLORD2015004_int2-4 STARLORD2015004_int2-5


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