Review: AGE OF ULTRON #9

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Brandon Peterson, Carlos Pacheco
Release Date: June 5, 2013

Age-of-Ultron_9-674x1024And this is why people (characters and readers alike) hate time travel stories.

With the series coming to an end very soon, I expected issue #9 to take the tension in Age of Ultron to a fever pitch heading into the finale…instead readers get a mind-blowingly confusing plot that is so tiring to read that the final page reveal is mildly interesting at best. The issue features Wolverine heading back in time from the timeline he and Sue Storm created to attempt to stop himself from going through with the murder of Hank Pym. This leads to many pages of determining how to make this happen without fracturing space and time and while there are some entertaining pieces of dialogue in there, it is just way too slow for the ninth book in a ten issue event. This issue leaves the entire series in flux, and heading into the final issue I am honestly not sure what players are on the board anymore, or in what state they are in. For someone who has been following the event from the beginning, this is quite frustrating and indicative of what a confusing issue #9 is. The events of issue #10 may determine if the pacing and events of #9 detriment the series as a whole, but heading into the final issue I should be feeling a lot more than apathy for an event this large.

Carlos Pacheco does most of the heavy lifting on pencils in this issue, with a few pages from Brandon Peterson chronicling the Age of Morgana Le Fey. Both artists provide solid work, but in the case of Pacheco he’s got very little to make visually dynamic in this issue. There are several pages of characters standing in Hank Pym’s lab and while he pencils them well, nothing stands out at all visually in this issue after the first page. This situation is dictated mostly by the story being told, but the art in this issue just did not have any punch to keep the story moving forward with any kind of energy.

Age of Ultron #9 has come close to derailing this series completely for me and while I will return for #10 just to see how this has wrapped up, it will not be the first thing I read on that Wednesday by any means. The second last issue is not the one where you want the winds to leave the sails, but that is the case here.

Verdict: 4.0/10


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