AliceCooper01-Cov-MackALICE COOPER #1
Written by Joe Harris
Art by Eman Casallos
Published by Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: September 3, 2014

The first, and arguably greatest, shock rocker of all time brings his theatrics into the world of comics in Dynamite’s Alice Cooper #1.

Joe Harris is tasked with writing the iconic Cooper, and in this first issue he attempts to strike a balance between the real world of celebrity and the hellish nightmare world Cooper’s character has resided in for so many years. The story of this first issue moves in mysterious ways, with nothing explicitly laid out for the reader, but at times this causes more confusion than good. Without a basis of where this story is coming from or where it is trying to go, Alice Cooper #1 does feel like a bunch of random things coming together that may build to something at some point. Harris does bring things home in an interesting way to close out the issue, but only time will tell if many of the seeds planted in the issue come to anything.

Harris does capture the essence of Alice Cooper, the character, well. You can hear the man ripping out “Welcome to My Nightmare” throughout the issue, and the tone of the issue is very Alice Cooper. Any of his albums could be a great soundtrack for this issue, and in that respect it is a win for Cooper fans.

Eman Casallos provides solid artwork throughout the issue, setting the eerie tone for the visuals early on and keeping it consistent throughout the issue. There isn’t a lot of exceptional artwork in this issue, but Casallos’ work is solid enough to keep this story going. The creepy elements of Cooper’s work are evident throughout the visuals in this issue and there are elements in here that will be interesting to see going forward. The multiple worlds in this first issue could be very interesting and Sandman-esque depending on where this story goes and hopefully Casallos will be able to really cut loose down the line.

Alice Cooper #1 has a lot more going for it than any other “rock n’ roll” comic I’ve ever read, and Harris and Casallos plant some interesting seeds in this first issue. While the first issue won’t blow your mind, but the deeper this series gets into the twisted world of Cooper the more interesting it will become. If you’re a Cooper fan, spin a record backward and start reading – you’ll dig it.

The Verdict: 6.0/10


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