Written by Rick Remender
Art by Stuart Immonen, Marte Gracia
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 18, 2015

Remender and Immonen continue to put Captain America through hell as Zemo attempts to deal final blows to both America and its Captain.

Rick Remender continues this high octane thrill ride by deftly addressing some of the online backlash against Sam Wilson by confronting situations head on and also crafting a problem that only Sam has the skill set to solve. I applaud him for making this arc of All-New Captain America completely Sam-specific – addressing the fact that this Captain America has additional skills (and weaknesses) that Steve Rogers did not possess and that he will be better suited to handle some situations because of it. Cap’s resourcefulness, grit and determination are on full display in this issue and it feels like with each additional page he assumes the mantle more (at least in the character’s mind and confidence). To see his transformation from Falcon to Cap in his own head over the course of this arc has been very entertaining and issue #5 is another great chapter.

As has been the case with each issue so far, some unexpected major events occur. You won’t find spoilers here, but one made me very happy, the other crushed me more than I ever would have expected. Remender is not pulling punches in his attack of Captain America, and this may be the biggest blow to the character yet. This thrill ride may end up breaking Cap’s mind, but Remender is doing a great job showing that building resolve that is needed to wield the shield.

I do have issue with one part of the script, and that pertains to a very extreme choice Sam has to make to save his own life. The consequences of this decision seemingly disappeared very quickly for the amount of drama associated with the decision (which was very well written) but I will reserve final judgment for the moment as Remender has shown many times in this series so far that things have a way of revealing themselves later on.

The intensity of the aforementioned incident is handled brilliantly by Stuart Immonen, who continues to deliver nearly flawless work on this title. His action sequences are fantastic, he infuses his characters with an immense amount of emotion, whether we can see their eyes or not, and his take on a couple of classic foes that appear in this issue is great. While Remender’s words may be intense it is the artwork that has to sell it, and Stuart Immonen more than sells it. The initial pages of this issue with Zemo actually gave me a physical reaction, and the message of the intensity of that situation was driven home very well. He also delivers some jaw dropping (and somewhat inspiring) splash panels that showcase his range very nicely. This is as good as superhero artwork gets.

All-New Captain America #5 is an action packed thriller that keeps driving home that this is the new Captain America and that Sam Wilson is more than capable of holding this title. Remender and Immonen are on fire with this series so far and issue #5 is one of the best yet. Big action, surprisingly heavy emotional moments and some good ol’ fashioned HYDRA smashing….can’t ask for much more than that.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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