Written by Rick Remender
Art by Stuart Immonen
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 29, 2015

The stakes are as high as ever as Baron Blood and Captain America battle over the last bomb HYDRA is hell bent on unleashing on an innocent population. Just another day for Captain America.

Rick Remender has written on hell of an arc and he caps it off beautifully with All-New Captain America #6. This finale has it all – high stakes, great dialogue, twists, turns, solid super villain posturing and great Captain America vs. HYDRA fisticuffs. There is something so classic about a guy decked out in red, white and blue battle against the classic terrorist organization and Remender nails the “classic Cap tale with a new Cap” vibe. He excels at weaving Sam’s past into the story in a way that brings big impact into this issue and a surprising amount of heart. He also does what he does best: shock readers by going places that are unexpected. Remender does not shy away from anything, as shown in issue #5 and story beats that I assumed would be off limits are attacked without hesitation. This issue is unpredictable and that’s a great thing in superhero comics…and not something you can find everyday. Captain America, Nomad and the S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA dynamic handled very well by Remender and this new era of Cap is a riot.

Stuart Immonen’s work is aces, as per usual. He handles the action sequences of this issue very well, and even though their time together is ending, he has great chemistry with Remender. This artwork suits the tone of the script perfectly and Zemo, Blood and HYDRA are legitimately dangerous by his hand. His work is detailed and he expresses motion very well. Immonen is one of the best there is in the entire industry and All-New Captain America #6 is another rocking chapter of this series.

All-New Captain America #6 is a high octane thrill ride that closes this arc out with a bang. Remender and Immonen have brought the new Captain America into the Marvel U with a bang and the seeds of his war against HYDRA that have been planted in this arc are fantastic. This is top flight writing and exceptional artwork and if strong superhero comics are your bag, All-New Captain America #6 is a sure bet.

The Verdict: 9.5/10


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