Review: ALL-NEW X-MEN #29

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 9, 2014

Psychic battles and more mayhem from the Future Brotherhood highlight another dynamic issue of All-New X-Men #29.

Brian Michael Bendis caps off this arc in style with an action packed issue featuring some absolutely fantastic one-liners. Bendis does a great job of playing to these characters’ strengths, letting their personalities shine in the middle of conflict and making this an enjoyable book to read. There is a whole lotta psychic business shaking down in this issue and Bendis uses the Hive Mind very effectively to segregate the psychic battle from the real world, physical war. The Hive Mind conflict works wonders for the pacing of this issue, layering the battle and making the young Xavier all the more dangerous a foe for these X-Men. Having part of the story take place in the psychic sphere let’s characters like Jean Grey and the Cuckoos shine, with the latter delivering some of the best lines of the entire issue.

Bendis handles the Brotherhood very well, giving readers some clear answers as to what has gone on in the future to make some of these characters be members of the aforementioned crew. There are some great moments between young Beast and the future Beast, and Molly Hayes fans will be content with where her character lands. Bendis deals with the absolutely massive cast of this issue very well, giving each character their moments, if brief, and using this conflict to solidify some characters in this book, like X-23. As the characters themselves state, time travel is confusing business, and while this issue is dealing with time travel and the influx of more mutants to an already huge cast, it works. Bendis’ solid storytelling skills makes the mayhem work, and what are the X-Men if there isn’t a little time travel and mayhem involved?

I’m not sure Stuart Immomen is capable of penciling a bad page, as this issue is filled with more absolutely fantastic work. Month and month out, the man simply delivers. His action sequences in this issue are fantastic, with layouts that are easy on the eyes and visually intriguing. Immonen does an excellent job with the facial work in this issue, conveying so much emotion with subtleties, such as young Xavier’s looks to Cyclops, and the reactions characters have to specific events. A lot of story is told through the art here and the combination of Bendis & Immonen is golden. Marte Gracia & Jason Keith’s colour work is phenomenal throughout the issue, giving the Hive Mind a very unique look and Jean Grey’s new power sets erupt from the page. The colours give this issue the dynamic look and feel of older X-Men comics, and highlight the strengths of Immonen’s work perfectly. This is an art team that is on fire and cannot be stopped.

All-New X-Men is a freight train that refuses to slow down, with #29 throwing the gauntlet down to the other X-titles and saying “c’mon, try to outdo me”. Bendis and Immonen are one of the top pairings in comics and it shows with this comic. Grab it, love it. Bring on #30.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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