Written by Dan Slott
Art by Olivier Coipel, Justin Ponsor
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 10, 2014

Spider-Verse surges forward in issue #11 of Amazing Spider-Man, keeping the Spider-centric event exciting and showing how entertaining it can be to mash up all the versions of Spider-Men/Women/Animals when you’ve got the right creative team at the helm.

I want to start by saying Dan Slott is doing a fantastic job with this event so far. This story could very easily be one of the most confusing anyone has ever read, as it is easily more ambitious than the legendary (not in a good way) Clone Saga, or even the other event happening in the Marvel U, AXIS. In Spider-Verse, Slott takes all the possibly confusing elements and boils them down to the parts that matter: the Spiders of the multiverse are being hunted, and each has their own part to play in their survival. Each brings a different personality and skill set to the table and even though we are a few issues into the event, each time a new Spider comes into play it is exciting.

The addition of the Superior Spider-Man to the equation leads to some fantastic moments in this issue between the 616 Peter and SpOck, which fans of both Spider-Men will love. The two are so electric on the page I almost want a buddy book of them going forward, just to read more of their banter. The character work in this issue is fantastic and Slott shows he has absolute mastery over all things Spider with how he handles these unique individuals. From Peter to Otto to Miles to Gwen to Porker, each character is rock solid and entertaining. How he has managed to cram so many characters into a comic and not have it be a train wreck is amazing to me, and I will freely admit I loved every second with the massive cast.

This isn’t just a character analysis though, as Slott brings HUGE action to the event in this issue. Just when you think things may start going the Spider’s way, all hell breaks loose in wild and crazy ways. For all the iterations of wise-cracking Spider-people in this series, the consequences can be fatal and the threat is very dangerous and very real. There are events in this comic that will shock some readers, I didn’t see them coming, and I applaud Slott for keeping the tempo high and energetic. I truly have no idea what this story will throw at me next and I love it.

Olivier Coipel throws down strong art from start to finish in this one, even handling a…different….world very well. Coipel’s presence makes this feel like a major Marvel event, as his work has been limited to major events and launches for the last few years. This makes Spider-Verse feel as huge as it deserves to be, and his skilled pencils keep pace with Slott’s strong writing. Each character’s unique visual identity is handled easily by Coipel and even though he has a massive cast of relatively similar characters to work with, at no point does this comic look like the visual equivalent of mud. “Filler” characters are still given an immense amount of detail and style, with no Spider being left as a generic clone of any other. The amount of detail Coipel infuses into these pages adds to the grand scope of what is occurring and he delivers some huge, epic splash pages that are jaw dropping in their quality. Colourist Justin Ponsor cranks the dial to 11 and makes Coipel’s artwork shine, especially when they travel to the “unique” world I alluded to earlier. The colour work makes that segment of the issue work, and this is simply a very well coloured comic book.

Amazing Spider-Man #11 keeps the entertainment flowing in this excellent Spider-Verse event. Spider-Man super fans have got to be losing their minds over this one, as its quality is simply fantastic. Slott & Coipel are on fire and are showing how you can make mega events work within the scope of a corner of the Marvel U. This is an event done right and I definitely recommend you give Spider-Verse a shot.

The Verdict: 9.5/10


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