Written by Dan Slott
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Justin Ponsor
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 7, 2015

The insanity that has been Spider-Verse rolls forward in another rock-solid issue of Amazing Spider-Man. This comics has more Spider-people than I ever thought possible, one hell of a cliffhanger, more creepy Inheritors….and it all works.

Dan Slott is killing it with this event, giving Spider-Fans more webs and suits and mayhem than they could ever ask for. If someone was to describe this concept to me, I’d swear it was doomed to fail, but Slott is making it work brilliantly, crafting a high octane thriller of an event that has high stakes, laughs, and heart. This many Spider-folks would prove to be overwhelming for most foes, but the Inheritors are a unique brand of nasty that are dastardly and dangerous, and do not hold back at any point. No super-hero tale flies without a great villain, and Slott has them here. His dialogue is, as per usual, excellent and how he differentiates the voices between the Spiders is very impressive. There are tons of personalities in here, with new faces introduced in this issue as well, but Slott balances them all well. Favourites are getting their screen time and “side” characters add a lot of fun. I laughed out loud, I sat on the edge of my seat, I gasped…and I wanted more. This is a damn good story here, and Slott is reaffirming just how skilled he is at writing Amazing Spider-Man with Spider-Verse.

Giuseppe Camuncoli delivers his best art that I have ever seen in this issue, matching the tone set by Olivier Coipel very well. Camuncoli’s pencils are sharp and while he is no stranger to penciling Spider-Man, he outdoes his previous work by nailing the look and feel of each individual Spider-person in the issue. To say that he’s dealing with a large cast is underselling how vast the number of characters in this comic is, and Camuncoli excels both at points filled with Spiders & Inheritors and solo pages where strong characters like Silk leap from the page. What I found to be most impressive about his work in this issue was how well he captured the personalities of the different Spiders. The majority of characters are in full mask in this one due to the combat with the Inheritors, yet their personalities shine through the webs and each and every Spider-person is unique. When the webs are flying in the high action scenes this cannot be an easy task, but Camuncoli makes it look easy. The colour work by Justin Ponsor is excellent as well, amplifying Camuncoli’s strengths and making the combat leap from the pages. There is a richness to the tones used in this comic and Ponsor does a great job elevating the artwork and making this comic very easy on the eyes.

Amazing Spider-Man #12 continues the streak of strong Spider-Verse issues and Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Justin Ponsor are bringing their A-games to this event. This issue features a solid story, great art and an intriguing cliffhanger that may be polarizing, but I’m excited to see what it brings. The madness of this event doesn’t seem to be dying down, and I’m loving every page of it.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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