Written by Dan Slott
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: February 25, 2015

And with this chapter, Spider-Verse officially comes to an end. Readers are treated to heartfelt good-byes, some closure, some unexpected events and a Superior outburst that can’t be missed.

If you’ve enjoyed the Spider-Verse event, which I most certainly did, then this issue will be right up your alley. Dan Slott gives readers closure for some of the “primary” Spiders that won’t be headlining their own ongoing books, and for those that do have a future leading a book, we get to see the characters springboard into their solo titles. The vast majority of the more recognizable Spiders get some page time in this one, each with an inkling that this may not be the last time we see them. Slott even throws some Secret Wars teasers into the mix, making this contained event really feel like part of the larger Marvel Universe and driving home what has been said about Secret Wars affecting everything and everyone. Slott writes these characters very well and delivers some sequences with a ton of heart while not neglecting to put some unexpected action in this issue as well. Readers are treated to some epic Otto moments and Slott kicks off the next chapter in Peter’s life very well in this epilogue. This has been an epic series and deserved a send off like this, with this epilogue issue hitting all the right notes.

Giuseppe Camuncoli flies solo on art with this issue after working alongside/opposite Olivier Coipel at points in Spider-Verse. While I do miss Coipel (he’s one of my favourite artists in Marvel’s stable), Camuncoli hits the beats he needs to do drive this story home. I’ve always found Camuncoli’s “masked” work to be better than his panels featuring facial work, and that is still the case with this issue. While his pencils are never poor, he excels at the conflict between the masked Spiders so well that I found the slower moments featuring unmasked characters to look slightly off. I must say this is a very minor gripe, but something I did notice. This issue still has a huge cast that Camuncoli handles well and when you can pencil this many Spiders at this high a quality, you are a bona fide Spider-great.

Amazing Spider-Man #15 provides a solid conclusion to the Spider-Verse event and acts as a nice launching pad for several series and the next arc of ASM. Slott weaves in some strong action to balance the good-byes and plants seeds for some interesting storylines down the road. Camuncoli’s work is rock solid and he handles the multi-Spider action very nicely, rounding out the issue with some classic Spidey shots. Amazing Spider-Man is firing on all cylinders and this is a must-read for anyone who has enjoyed the crazy antics of Spider-Verse.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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