ASM2014003_DC12jpg_Page1AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3
Written by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 25, 2014

Peter Parker is rebuilding/adjusting to the life Otto built and it makes for an interesting tale in Amazing Spider-Man #3.

Dan Slott is doing an excellent job of having Peter Parker deal with the consequences of Superior while also making Amazing accessible for new readers. He does this by explaining situations through dialogue that walks the fine line of being informative and too heavy handed. In issue #3 we get a look at CEO Parker, and if this issue is any indication that is going to be a fun dynamic going forward. How he balances his “corporate” life with his life as Spider-Man will be filling the ever present difficulty Peter has finding balance in life, and it should prove to be entertaining going forward.

The plot of this issue doesn’t drive forward at too rapid a pace, with the big reveals of the issue being new dynamics Peter is discovering that hold over from Otto’s time and the planting of a mysterious seed to open the story. Black Cat at odds with Spider-Man hits a nice nostalgic beat, and seeing Felicia as a criminal just feels right. He writes her character very well, her bitterness and embarrassment from the events in Superior dripping from each word she utters. There is a fun energy whenever she is in a panel with Peter, and in the final pages of the issue Slott creates an interesting situation that makes Black Cat a more credible threat to Spider-Man, closing the issue out on a high note, despite being slightly predictable. A fun situation is still fun even if you see it coming, and Slott is building an entertaining story in this issue.

Humberto Ramos is the definitive Spider-artist for a lot of fans and his solid work on the title continues with issue #3. He handles this huge cast well and his signature style is on full display throughout the issue. His action sequences are fantastic, capturing the kinetic energy of Spider-Man very well. His Black Cat is brooding and vicious, a woman hell bent on revenge, desperately wanting to avenge her broken pride. The pencils in this issue are exactly what readers expect from Ramos, and anyone who enjoys his style will be very happy with what they find in this issue. Edgar Delgado’s colour work makes Spidey pop off the page, and the pages involving a fire in an apartment building look absolutely fantastic due to the colouring. This is an art team that is obviously in sync and readers reap the benefits of that in issue #3.

Amazing Spider-Man #3 is a solid comic from start to finish that features a ton of members of the Spider-cast, and some entertaining moments with Peter dealing with Otto’s legacy. This arc has the feeling of a classic Spider-Man arc which makes it easy for anyone who snagged one of those 500k copies of issue #1 to follow and enjoy. While Amazing may not be as revolutionary as Superior was at this point, it’s still rock solid and it is nice to have Peter back.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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One Comment;

  1. Joe Kierre said:

    Great story arc so far which I’m enjoying immensely. Humberto Ramos should stay on the book for a long time. He’s on top of his game. Always liked his distorted Spidey and the expressive faces of the characters. He’s better than Camuncoli or Stegman, I think. If Ramos should take a break, I highly suggest Stefano Casselli.