Written by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 23, 2014

Original Sin throws an interesting curve into Amazing Spider-Man with issue #4, the strongest issue so far in this young volume.

Dan Slott absolutely nails this one, using the events of Original Sin to impact Spider-Man’s world in a very intriguing way that should have a lasting impact on the book. As the cover suggests, Peter wasn’t the only person bitten by the spider on that fateful day so long ago, and another has been waiting, quarantined from the world for all this time. Peter learns of this through his involvement in Original Sin, and I have to admit that some of the offshoots from the early events of Original Sin are seemingly having as much impact on the Marvel U as the event finale is shaping up to. Kudos to writers like Slott for making that happen! Now, in Spidey-land Slott introduces quite a shakeup to the ASM dynamic, and he does it so very well. The introduction of this new character feels organic and not at all forced, which makes it work. Her simple introduction brings a spark to this comic that takes the excitement factor through the roof, and then Slott cranks it even higher by writing her very well.

This new character is dynamic and likable, unpredictable and powerful. She is a great foil for Peter Parker, and adds a very interesting element to this series, especially with the final page of the issue. With the current Black Cat storyline and with elements introduced in this issue, Slott is setting himself up for some interesting stories down the road, and if they continue to be executed this well, readers are going to be exceptionally happy. When you look at his entire body of Spider-Man work, Slott is cementing himself as one of the all-time greats to work on the character and issues like this are examples of what he does so very well with the character.

Humberto Ramos takes the energy of the script and gives it life. The movement of the new character is dynamic and Spider-Man-like, while also having her own style of motion. Her dynamic nature is portrayed very well by Ramos and the genuine shock of Spider-Man reacting to her existence and actions after her discovery is perfect. As the first artist to bring this character to life, Ramos gives her a unique energy and strong debut, visually. He matches Slott’s skilled writing punch for punch with solid artwork, delivering an entertaining experience overall.

This is a great comic and the best issue of Amazing Spider-Man in this volume so far. There is a level of excitement akin to the issues of Superior Spider-Man here, and I’m excited to see more of this new character and Peter interacting in the future. Give Amazing #4 a shot, I highly doubt you will be disappointed.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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  1. ComicBook Coby said:

    I breezed through this one in less than 10 minutes… and that’s not a bad thing. It was a really easy, enjoyable read. Silk is a surprisingly fresh and vibrant new character–I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. They also set up some of the upcoming Spider-Verse stuff, so that should be interesting (although, not having read the previous Amazing Spider-Man stories, I was pretty lost on the references…).

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