Review: AQUAMAN #38

AQM-Cv38-ds-55a45AQUAMAN #38
Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Paul Pelletier
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: January 28, 2015

Arthur and Mera continue their voyage through portals to find Arthur’s mother in Aquaman #38, but, as is to be expected, there is trouble along the way….

Jeff Parker is giving readers an old school adventure comic with an epic feel to it with his Aquaman run. This comic has the grand landscape, the political aspects and the high drama of an epic adventure and issue #38 continues that trend. Through Parker’s skilled writing, Arthur and Mera have become my favourite comic book couple. Their banter is brilliant and I get the sense that this pair legitimately cares for one another. They are taking this on together – as a partnership – and while it says “Aquaman” on the cover of this comic, Mera plays second fiddle to no one. Parker writes her as an equally powerful force to Arthur, and every page the pair are on just works.

I’m enjoying the direction of this arc a lot. The endless mysteries of the ocean is right up my alley and exploring Arthur’s lineage adds to the grand feeling of the book. This is like Lord of the Rings underwater as old feuds, old secrets and mysteries are in every direction. The introduction of Arthur’s mother is handled well and I’m very excited to see more of this character. Parker is delivering some of the best superhero work of his career with Aquaman, and while I loved Johns’ take on the character I believe I’ve got a new favourite Aquaman writer in Jeff Parker.

Paul Pelletier throws down page after page of solid artwork in this one, capturing the grand feel of this adventure while digging down and executing some great facial work and smaller details as well. His characters have expressive body language and I get the sense from his work with Arthur and Mera that the two find challenges to be enjoyable – they are enjoying where this adventure is taking them, even if it is dangerous places. I don’t know how else to say this, but Pelletier’s pencils in this issue made me happy. They are easy on the eyes, flow very well and the action sequences are big and fun. His style compliments Parker’s writing extremely well and this duo is in perfect creative sync. This is some rock solid superhero artwork that captures who Aquaman is very well, showcasing his (and Mera’s) strength and the sense of adventure that is pervasive in this story.

Aquaman #38 is a rock solid comic book. Parker writes these characters well and his work with Paul Pelletier has made Aquaman feel like a strong stand-alone story in the DCU. They are forging forward without being pulled into much in the way of crossovers and have carved their own little space to do some fun things in. I’ll be along for the ride as long as this pair is on the book, and I can’t wait for the next issue to continue this adventure.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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