Review: ART OPS #2


Written by Shaun Simon
Art by Michael Allred, Matt Brundage, Laura Allred
Published by Vertigo Comics
Release Date: November 25, 2015

Art…it walks among us! Quite literally – it’s alive and tangible. It is dynamic and lively. Only Art Ops is brokering the peace between the real world and that of art….and Art Ops is fractured.

Shaun Simon’s script for this second issue is strong, and where he excels the most is dialogue. The Mona Lisa has a great voice and is a constant source of entertainment and, in this issue, we get a better glimpse at who the threat of this series is. Her exchanges with David are wonderful, and the whole bizarre concept of people interacting with these great works of art is just zany enough to work. Simon writes Reggie with the right amount of attitude: a punk who just won’t listen and it perpetually gets him in trouble. The fact that he has art for a right arm is ludicrous but perfect, with Simon walking that fine line between taking this series to utterly laughable places but keeping it crazy enough to not be playing it safe and serious. I felt his writing was sharper in this issue, like he’s fallen into a comfortable spot with these characters and their roles in the story.

Michael Allred…what hasn’t been said about the glory that is Allred’s art? To say he’s a master is almost laughable at this point, and I can’t imagine this series flying with any style other than his. He and Brundage team for some amazing visuals in this issue and the bizarre concepts they manage to sell are amazing. They nail the perpetual smirk of Mona Lisa and with each page I found myself more drawn into the issue. This book is penciled so very well and any fans of Allred’s work on other books will definitely be wanting to check out Art Ops.

So, Simon, Allred and Brundage did some great work with this comic, but they are not the stars. Laura Allred’s work is what takes Art Ops to the next level for me. Her colour work is a defining aspect of what is the “Allred” style and I’ve come to notice that much of what I love about what I once considered Mike’s work is, in fact, how well Laura colours his pencil work. The colours leap from the page and the tone she sets for the merging of art in the real world is flawless. Reggie’s arm is a visual force to be reckoned with because of her skilled use of colour and Art Ops is, just like Silver Surfer, a book where we readers get to bask in the glory of Laura Allred cutting loose with some vibrant and bold use of colour. Her work is exceptional in this comic.

Art Ops #2 really solidified the concept of this series for me, which I am choosing to describe as “all the right kinds of crazy”. The script is getting stronger as the series progresses and the Allreds are a powerhouse pair and are seemingly unstoppable. They are forces of nature that are currently blowing minds with Art Ops and I recommend you get in on the ground floor of this one before the issues get tough to get your hands on.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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