Review: ASTRO CITY #3

Written by Kurt Busiek
Art by Brent Anderson
Release Date: August 14, 2013

ASTRO_Cv3_6ikybld4uj_Astro City #3 finishes off the two part story of Marella, the operator for the Honor Guard Call Center and hits all the notes that make this series unlike any other in the history of comics.

Kurt Busiek’s storytelling is fantastic. Issue after issue he finds a way to strike a story from a new angle, a new dynamic of the world of superhero comics that has yet to be explored that when it hits the page, it is magic. No other writer in comics can skillfully develop a civilian in a powered world quite like Busiek can, filling a script with wonderment and an everyday every-man feel. He does an excellent job of crafting comfortable, real world dialogue that is relatable and feels like it is effortless in its delivery. Busiek’s storytelling is all at once timeless, classic, and fresh in what is, as a whole, a fairly dark comic book landscape at the moment. This is a series that any comic book reader can pick up and find something to their liking and for long time comic readers heading to Astro City is taking a trip to a comfortable and safe place where a master scribe is going to weave tales unlike any other.

Brent Anderson’s art is consistent, as always. Astro City is only right by his hand, which has yet to falter in its delivery of this world he and Busiek have built. He pencils the emotion of the civilians very well in this issue, showing panic, regret, and so much more through facial expressions alone. Anderson’s work is not the flashiest in the business, but it is solid from start to finish and suits the tone of this comic so very well. To say these creators are in sync is almost ridiculous considering how much quality Astro City content they have produced, but nevertheless it is true.

Any trip to Busiek & Anderson’s Astro City is a trip I am happy to make, and issue #3 solidifies this as a brilliant resurgence for this series. I cannot wait to see what these two veteran creators have in store for readers next.

Verdict: 8.5/10


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