Review: AVENGERS #34

AVEN2012034_DC11AVENGERS #34
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Leinil Francis Yu
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 27, 2014

The saga of the time jumping comes to a conclusion and Captain America determines his next course of action as the drive to Time Runs Out begins in Avengers #34.

Avengers #34 is a Captain America comic through and through, looking at the final days of the legacy of the Avengers and shedding some light on what Captain America has been going through for the past few issues. What did Hawkeye whisper in his ear? You’ll get to find out here as other details fall into place to round out this arc very nicely. The Original Sin tie-in has kicked off what promises to be an epic conflict in the pages of Avengers, and issue #34 does a great job setting that up. Captain America meets some unexpected characters as he jumps to the extreme distant future who shed some light on the actions of the Illuminati, and how their words influence Cap’s decision is very interesting. Hickman is a master at these large scale, high concept stories and it shows in this comic. This is time travel at it’s most convoluted, but he manages to maintain a strong narrative that does not get lost in the details. Captain America’s steadfast certainty in what he stands for cuts through the confusion like a knife at just the right time, and sets up one hell of a fight in future issues of this series. The Avengers are the premier team in the Marvel Universe and the end of this issue makes it feel like what this series is building toward is worthy of the status of this comic in the line.

Leinil Francis Yu delivers strong art from start to finish, handling the extreme future and the state of Captain America very well. The “guest stars” are penciled very well, their unscrupulous nature conveyed very well by Yu’s hand. He caps the issue on a high note, delivering great artwork to round it out and build momentum for the upcoming issues where some major action is promising to occur. His artwork got me fired up at several points in the issue, and that’s saying something. He and Hickman work well together, cementing the fact that any issue feature both their names will end up in my possession.

Avengers #34 strikes a great balance of conceptual time travel chaos and character driven story as the book heads toward Time Runs Out. Hickman is building toward something of an Infinity-level scope again, and I can’t wait to see what it is as the events of the end of this issue start to have an impact on the Marvel Universe as a whole. There are big things coming, Marvel fans, and they start right here in Avengers.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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