Review: AVENGERS #35

AVEN2012035_DC11AVENGERS #35
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Jim Cheung, Nick Bradshaw, Paco Medina, Dustin Weaver
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 17, 2014

Fast forward 8 months into the future to a world very different than the one we last saw in Avengers. From the looks of things another Civil War has been raging and boy, does Hickman look to have some big things in store for the Avengers.

Jonathan Hickman may very well be the king of huge events, as was shown with Infinity and, if you enjoy those kinds of events, you can’t help but be excited when you open up Avengers #35. Hickman kicks off this storyline checking in on some of the major players of Infinity, and giving readers a run down of the current status quo in several different places. We check in on many members of the expanded Avengers roster, seeing what is up with everyone from Hyperion to Cannonball to Starbrand, and through these glimpses it is easy to see that the Avengers World is a very different place in just 8 months. Hickman gives readers just the right amount of information to pique their interest without giving away the farm, so to speak, and with each mini-plot thread I found myself wanting more as quickly as I could get it. The short glimpses build on each other to end with one hell of a finale and I cannot convey just how much I want more of this story right bloody well now. There are dozens of questions that spring to life from each page, but it is obvious Hickman has a plan here. We are meant to not know much, and that changes the story from being a fight to understand to a burning desire to understand. Nothing in this comic is occurring by accident and the possibilities going forward give this story a ton of momentum. Something big has now begun, get ready for the ride.

The art, for the most part, is strong. Each subplot is handled by a different artist and they each hit their beats. Jim Cheung, Dustin Weaver and Paco Medina have similar styles, so their work seems to contribute to a more cohesive single issue than the work of Nick Bradshaw, but Bradshaw doesn’t let the group down by any means. While his style may not be my personal favourite of the crew of heavyweights working on this issue, he tells the tale of Cannonball and Smasher well, highlighting her strength and his clumsiness. Dustin Weaver’s work is rock solid, as is the work of Paco Medina and Jim Cheung absolutely knocks it out of the park to close out the issue. Cheung handles the biggest reveal of the issue and does it justice and then some, delivering a splash page that both surprised me and made me crave the next issue of this series. There is some insane art in this comic, and I will admit to flipping through multiple times just to look at the kick ass visuals.

Avengers #35 is a wild ride that will have you scratching your head in the best way possible, waiting for Hickman to bring together his master plan and blow your mind. This issue is full of small details that are going to culminate in something huge, and launching this title into the future really kept me on my toes. There is an energy that emanates from this comic, an excitement that is on every single page concerning how the world got this way and what the hell is going on…and I can’t wait to learn those answers. Avengers fans, it’s time to Assemble, Jonathan Hickman is building another epic event!

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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One Comment;

  1. Tess said:

    So I don’t keep up with Marvel continuity very well. I just read a few titles here and there. So I’m confused.

    Starbrand and Hyperion are in the Avengers? Is this some sort of special interdimensional Avengers like Exiles? Or have a bunch of random heroes from alternate worlds shown up in the main continuity for some reason?