Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Scott Hepburn
Release date: May 15, 2013

avengersenemywithinIn the last three months of Captain Marvel, Kelly Sue DeConnick and her partners in crime have made the book feel like a creator-owned entity. The feeling continues is the first official installment of Avengers: The Enemy Within crossover. In a single issue readers are caught up, if they missed issues #9-#12 of Captain Marvel, given an fun-filled dose of the loving and hilarious relationship between Carol Danvers and Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew as well as a team-up with Thor!

The central storyline focuses on the brain lesion that is grounding Carol from flying, and the villains who wish capitalize on this development. Carol’s own initial musings also harken on the fact that, at some point, she might not be able to tell the difference between reality and hallucinations. This forces you, as the reader, to question every interaction she has throughout the book.

Who was there to witness what happened? Did that really happen? While for most of the book, those questions lean toward one particular answer, it gives the book part of a mystery feeling as you dig in.

Scott Hepburn’s art continues with the feeling established by Filipe Andrade on the main Captain Marvel title. The lines are definitely not as fluid, however his work is full of movement. Combine this with Jordie Bellaire’s colors, and the panels pop in both action sequences and character interactions. Hepburn excels at conveying Carol’s emotions instead of planting in a stoic cookie-cutter face that can be found in some mainstream titles. This contributes to the feeling that this is more of an indie comic book that happens to take place in the Marvel Universe.

It’s clear this issue is laying a lot of groundwork for those who have not been following the Captain Marvel series. DeConnick’s signature humor keeps Carol’s irksome circumstances from overwhelming the situation. DeConnick also does a great job of showing how much Carol cares for her friends, whom are targets or threatened by just simply knowing her.

An adventurous challenge confronts the team of Thor and Captain Marvel. It’s a pair of foes that previously appeared in Captain Marvel #9, and are as fun as ever. Actually, it’s because of this previous appearance you just might find yourself questioning what is real and what is not. They are questions which can only be answered in the next four issues of the crossover.

If you’re just tuning in, a lot of back reading is not necessary. You get the background information, multiple fights with bad guys, emotional and touching moments between Carol and her community of friends. It will be interesting to see what other possible team-ups are in store.  The second installment will be in Avengers Assemble #16, set to be released on June 12, 2013.

Verdict: 9.0/10


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