Written by Jason Aaron
Art by John Romita Jr.
Release Date: April 18, 2012

The epic throw-down between the Avengers and X-Men is in full swing  with Jason Aaron at the helm of this installment. The action picks up right where the last issue left off and the tempo of this book is high from the beginning. Aaron gives the fans what they want from this conflict: a brawl. This book is AvX from start to finish and Aaron does a great job of making the story progress during a brawl. Rather than filling this book with glory panels of singular moments in the fight, Aaron gives us glimpses of what is happening all around the battlefield and checks in with the lady of the hour: Hope. Aaron writes these characters very well and continues to tow the line of not making either side inherently wrong in this conflict. This script is filled with great character moments, explosive action and some great curveball moments that will definitely surprise readers. I’d also like to give a nod to Aaron’s complete exploration of the battlefield – there are pages in this book that you can tell will be explored in further detail in the tie-in books and he sets those books up very well without them feeling completely out of place. The writing in this book is top notch, I can’t commend Aaron enough.

And then there is the art. My issues with this art are exactly the same as the issues with issue #1: this art is not good enough for a book that is this high-profile. Romita Jr.’s art is not suited for a book like this – gritty pencil lines and a general lack of detail is not the polish that this title needs. Is the art serviceable? Yes. I can tell what is happening. But should Avengers Vs. X-Men feature “serviceable” art? No. It simply shouldn’t. This is arguably the biggest series of 2012 and this art does not stand up to that claim, which saddens me considering how well scripted this book is.

In the end, this is a good comic. The art is not terrible, but it does keep Avengers Vs. X-Men #2 from being a great comic. Definitely still an enjoyable read, but I’m counting down the days until I get to see Coipel take the reins of this event.

Verdict: 8.0/10


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