Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Marco Checchetto
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 3, 2014

Avengers World regains it’s form as Nick Spencer and Marco Checchetto check in with the team dealing with Morgan Le Fay and the Cities of the Dead in Avengers World #12.

Nick Spencer is on fire in this one, delivering one hell of a great script that balances explanation of Euroforce with some solid action and a great return to comics for The Black Knight. Dane Whitman is a fantastic character with Spencer at the helm, and he steals the show in this issue, headlining a team of characters as exciting as the crew he introduced in earlier issues to assist Falcon and his team of Avengers. Spencer’s take on the “World” aspect of Avengers World is growing more interesting by the issue as readers are treated to a look at superhero teams that are coming to life to defend places other than New York, and it is a lot of fun. Spencer highlights several Euroforce members with quick looks at their past, giving readers just enough to want more but not bog the issue down and lose sight of the current plot. I can tell you right now that I want to know more about this team that seems to capture some of the fun and dynamic nature of the Marvel UK characters but are a clean slate for writers to work with.

Spencer throws in a few curves over the course of the issue, and managed to take me on the adventure of being excited, shocked and then saddened in the course of 2 pages. Not a lot of writers can do that well, especially in a team book with a huge cast of new characters, but Spencer’s exceptional timing made for a perfect storm at the end of the issue. To say I’m looking forward to our next check-in with this team would be an understatement, and I’m thinking it’s time to campaign for a standalone Euroforce book.

Marco Checchetto matches Spencer’s strong writing punch for punch with dynamic and detailed artwork that showcases all the subtle complexities in Spencer’s writing while giving the comic an action movie feel. Checchetto delivers fantastic action sequences and some great splash pages in this issue, but also digs down into the core of some of these new characters to give us a brief sense of who they are in just a few panels. His layout choices suit this story well, giving readers the short snippets of background info and then blowing the conflicts wide open and making the threat of Moran Le Fay appear as large as it should. Checchetto really doesn’t miss a beat in this one and he’ll have people suffering from arachnophobia in shambles for weeks with his hyper detailed interpretation of a rather terrifying denizen of the Cities of the Dead.

Spencer and Checchetto are a killer creative combo that knock Avengers World #12 out of the park. This title is right up there with Hickman’s titles for top Avengers books each month when Checchetto or Caselli are involved and Spencer’s skill at maintaining strong stories with this huge scope is amazing. If broad scope team books are your jam, Avengers World is made for you. I can’t wait for the next installment.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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  1. Brian White said:

    Except that nothing happened, it was an origins of the Euroforce issue and then its over