Written by by Mark Carey
Art by Kenan Yarar, Mohan, and Crank!
Edited by Jean-Marc Lofficier
Published by Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: February 14, 2018

First of all, this comic can be summed up in one word. Yes, just one. That word, you ask?


This book is important, and for a multitude of reasons. It’s poignant, and funny, and scary, and sexy, and relevant and completely visually stunning. Let’s dive into those categories and talk about why it falls under so many labels.

Barbarella is still the adventuring space babe we know and love from 1968, but she’s got a brand new look and a brand new (current-political-climate-appropriate) set of problems. Now, let’s not spoil anything by getting specific on just what those problems are — let’s just say that they’ll seem all too familiar to you if you read the headlines. Particularly those in a certain red, white and blue hued country. I won’t name names.

The scary part of reading this book? The truth to it. It’s a little too close to comfort, in the most subtle of ways and yet simultaneously, loud and clear. Art imitates life, right?

On a lighter note, this book is so action packed it’s hard to dwell on the undertones. It moves along at a quick, but not whiplash-inducing pace. It’s the speed that all creators long for, exciting and adrenaline inducing with flawless execution.

There is excellent variety in character representation, Barbarella being the namesake of this book, but sharing the spotlight with a unique and beautifully diverse cast. The dialogue shared between them is smart, witty and oftentimes, downright hilarious. Though we’ve only just gotten to know them, Mark Carey has succeeded in really inspiring us to care about them. Their pain, is our pain. Their laughs are our laughs. You get the picture.

So the artwork. Where to even begin? To sum it up, you’re not seeing anything like it anywhere else. It’s ethereal and exotic. It’s sometimes serious, and sometimes whimsical. This art team of Kenan Yarar and Mohan are not afraid to take risks, and it pays off abundantly. The graceful strokes and aesthetically pleasing use of color seen here are both topics that will be discussed for decades to come. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, and adds an entirely different level of splendor to an already prodigious story.

All in all this book is on a level all it’s own, and has been masterfully designed.

The Verdict: 9.5/10


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