Written by James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder
Art by Tony Daniel
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: November 11, 2015

The Robins follow a trail from long ago as Grayson digs deep into his memories of his initial encounter with the Scarecrow to make sense of all the pieces that are coming to light as they hunt for Mother.

James Tynion IV handles scripting duties as well as his usual role of the overarching story with Scott Snyder and when Tynion IV is working on the script, good things happen. This is a well written issue with a great flashback sequence that sheds a lot of light on what Mother’s operation is and how Bruce & Dick’s early mission ties into all of this. This issue feels like it pulls a lot of threads from the first 5 issues together and tightens up the overall story of this weekly adventure nicely. With the last issue I felt some pieces were starting to unravel and go a bit sideways but this issue tidies the story up and gives it a strong focus and purpose going forward.

Tynion uses the flashback sequences very well to shed light on what is happening without bringing the Robin family any further into the know. The parallels in the story between Dick as a father figure and what Bruce was for him are interesting and I enjoy reading Grayson in this role. There is a constant tension in the character that is very Batman-esque and I like where Tynion et al are taking him. How he’ll deal with the next challenge and guide his Robins through this mess is a storyline I’m definitely game to read more of and this is just a really tight story and solid issue.

Tony Daniel is back on art duties I am very happy to say, even if his work is not quite as polished as issue #1. I don’t mean this as a huge criticism, as less-polished Tony Daniel artwork still outshines many an artist’s work in the world of superhero comics. Time is now a factor for these artists and the grind of being in this rotation is probably taking its toll, but Daniel delivers. The artwork in this issue is a significant upgrade from what we’ve seen in the past couple issues and Daniel handles the flashback sequences especially well. He doesn’t have a massive cast to deal with like some of the issues have had but he handles the characters he has to nicely. His Batman is a fierce, imposing character on the page and he shows that well when Bruce is out of the cowl as well. Some of Daniel’s strongest work is when he inks himself, but even with three inkers on the issue it is very consistent.

Batman And Robin Eternal #6 steadies the ship nicely and brings it back onto a course I am game to read. The return of Daniel on art and Tynion’s work to tie together pieces of the script bring this series nicely back in line and I’m excited for issue #7 and the continued quest to find Mother.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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