Written by Christos Gage
Art by Raffaele Ienco, Guy Major, and Josh Reed
Edited by Jim Chadwick and Liz Erickson
Published by DC Comics
Release Date: February 21, 2018

The aftermath of the tragic revelations about Thomas Wayne is explored in Christos Gage and Reffaele Ienco’s new limited series Batman: Sins of the Father, the bridging arc between the first and second Batman Telltale Series. Filled with action, guilt and reflection, Part One delivers the same intrigue of the Bat as the popular video game.

A Son’s Burden to Bear

When the world sees Thomas Wayne for the true monster he was — and Bruce Wayne attempts to make a strategic decision about Wayne Enterprises after a PR nightmare — the Batman faces unfamiliar assassin ready to take down the Dark Knight.

For Bruce Wayne, learning about his father’s criminal past is a difficult pill to swallow and writer Christos Gage shows this inner struggle he faces in part one of Sins of the Father. Gage includes several classic factions of Gotham City mythos, from crime families to officers of the GCPD, that keep the grittiness of Batman’s home that has existed for over 75 years.

Most impressive is Bruce’s processing of his father’s sinister plans and the emotional toll it clearly has on both the man and the urban myth. Gage wonderfully masters the persona of both Batman, the detective vigilante, and Bruce Wayne, the guilt-filled businessman, as he fights for the good of the innocent, alive and dead, and redemption from Gothamites.

Understanding an Icon’s Design

With the way Raffaele Ienco designs the Caped Crusader, his gadgets, his Batcave and Bruce’s hurt expressions, it seems as though he has been drawing Batman for ages. Beautifully complementing the aesthetic of the Telltale Games, Ienco has a style all his own fitting for this heroes’ tale, bringing to life in a very refreshing way classic figures like Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon and staging exciting action sequences. Guy Major and Josh Reed’s colors and letters all come together to generate a cohesive look at the corruption and danger Gage pens in this Telltale universe.

Exploring Original Sin

As a huge fan of the Batman Telltale Series, Gage’s first issue to Sins of the Father is a fantastic extension of this universe and I can tell will be a great bridge between the past and current chapters. For anyone who has played the games or loves a good Batman story, definitely pick up this comic and dive into the already thrilling mini-series.

The Verdict: 10/10


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