Review: BATWOMAN #25

Written by Marc Andreyko
Art by Trevor McCarthy, Andrea Mutti, Jim Fern, Pat Olliffe, Jay Leisten, Tom Nguyen
Published by DC Comics
Release date: November 20, 2013

batwoman25It’s the re-imagining of some classic first meetings and family background in the debut issue of Marc Andreyko taking the helm of Batwoman.  With a last minute fill-in Zero year tie-in mixed in, this book seems to drive down the center of the road and keep everything from going off the edge.

Dealing with a family funeral, a need for action, and the blackout that has swallowed Gotham, Kathy Kane has no problem finding drama of all kinds. Andreyko does a good job of creating balance between dialogue and adventure. He takes it a step further by interweaving a well known blonde — Maggie Sawyer — coming in all the way from Metropolis. The introduction doesn’t feel over stressed and works into the story. It also seems to emphasis the fact that, despite DC saying the couple will not be getting married any time soon, Maggie is still an integral part of who Kathy will become. For die-hard fans it might be too much to swallow and trying to play nice too hard after the departure of the previous creative team, but there is nothing startling revealed or shocking to be found. It’s just a solid story of a hero before she came into her own.

With this seemingly being a last minute tie-in, there is a rally of the troops on art duties that sprang forth from the pages. While the difference in styles are rightly regulated to scene changes, the differences in hair length, styling and tone are striking in several areas. It makes the book feel almost like a themed anthology filled with vignettes from Kane’s life, instead of a cohesive story.

Those who love Kathy and Maggie will enjoy the moments that could have been. Those who enjoy the spirit of Batwoman will love the sense of righteous justice that she embodies before becoming a masked vigilante. However, those looking to see what Andreyko and the book’s new artist, Jeremy Haun (who will premiere in issue #26) have in store, need to wait a month. This is a book that you need to take at face value. Come back next month for the main event.

The Verdict: 6.0/10



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One Comment;

  1. Alexander Knox said:

    Great review, I feel pretty much the same way. This was a tossed-out tie-in, where everyone did their best given the circumstances. I really look forward to next month though.