Written by Dennis Hopeless
Art by Tigh Walker, Guillermo Mogorron
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 5, 2015

All aboard! One of the best mini-series of 2015 closes out with this issue and Hopeless, Walker & Mogorron bring this one home in the fun style I’ve loved about this series from the start.

Dennis Hopeless has crafted a great story here, with fun & dynamic characters that have a lot of heart. The characters are the strength of this mini, and the story stays truly accessible for all-ages. The events are entertaining, even if they are slightly predictable, but for any younger readers this is full throttle action. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #5 is an action packed adventure that maintains the great pace of the series to this point. The series ends strong, with the ominous Big Thunder bringing her fury down on the negligent mining bosses and the eerie mystical elements all coming into play. The personality of Big Thunder gives the comic some spooky elements that younger readers will dig and the spirit of adventure that permeates through every page is a win for Hopeless. His dialogue is sharp and when tasked with bringing this one home, he does so in a way that fits the tone of the book and the audience for the series.

Tigh Walker & Guillermo Mogorron team to deliver rock solid art through the entire issue and maintain the high quality of artwork that has been synonymous with Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Mogorron handles finishes for Walker’s layouts but there is minimal difference in what we have seen in the series so far. Walker’s layouts and rough pencils are solid and Mogorron’s finishes are strong, capturing the dynamic personalities of these characters. Big Thunder is more of a character than she has been up to this point and the art team handles the mountain well. There is power and mysticism in the artwork featuring the mountain and this issue caps off the miniseries nicely.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #5 further drives home that this series is a must read for damn near everyone. Hopeless, Walker and the rest of the team have crafted a rock solid miniseries that is entertaining from start to finish and features great characters. This issue caps it all off nicely and maintains that “Indiana Jones” spirit. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is fun comics, and it must be read.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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