BitchPlanet02_CoverBITCH PLANET #2
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Valentine De Landro
Published by Image Comics
Release Date: January 28, 2015

In Kelly Sue’s second issue of Bitch Planet we get to zoom in a little further than the more broadly portrayed scene in the first book, and focus on a couple of characters more specifically. One of those being what I can assume is one of our impending heroine’s, Kam (who may or may not be on “bitch planet” legitimately). It looks like that discrepancy is going to be an upcoming subplot if not something more major. I’ve heard Bitch Planet described as “Orange Is The New Black in space” but from what I’ve seen I’d say it’s more Saga meets The Hunger Games. It’s a dystopian society with serious moral ambiguity from atop the aristocratic high horse, with our prison set on it’s very own planet. Hence the name.

Kelly Sue does a brilliant job at exploring diversity not only in culture but in the various colors of personality types. It’s hard not to hear these women’s voices in your head despite the fact that you are reading tiny dialogue boxes. The De Landro art is epic in nature, painting a backdrop so unique it’s hard to put in words. It’s equal parts retro and futuristic, which makes it perfect for a book that has a future civilization sending us back to a primitive time of discrimination. I can see that this book is headed in great direction and will open our eyes in many ways. Bitch Planet is going to shake things up big time.

Side note: The essay on feminism in the back of the book by Tasha Fierce is incredibly important and I believe everyone from all walks of life should be exposed to it. These are things I believe many of us as feminists have wanted to portray, but have had trouble articulating. Here, it is flawlessly executed in written form.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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