Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Lewis LaRosa, Brian Reber
Published by Valiant Entertainment
Release Date: January 27, 2016

Head to the future (well, not quite 4001, but a couple decades in the future) as Bloodshot and Magic live together in a desolate wasteland of a world.

Sounds like happily ever after, right? Actually, for Bloodshot, it just might be. Considering what his live has been thus far, this apocalyptic wasteland devoid of water and filled with raiders probably is a low key happiness. Lemire captures the happiness he has with Magic well, making them a cute old couple despite the world they live in. This story has a very strong Old Man Logan vibe, which is interesting considering Lemire’s other release today, and it works for Bloodshot. Ray makes sense as a weary old protector, with just as dark a past with Logan, so the similarities fit. I like Bloodshot in this world.

Much of the issue is explored through Bloodshot’s inner monologue, which Lemire writes well. He’s a cryptic sort, but he’s sure as hell resourceful and seeing how he can keep himself, Magic and a village alive in this world is quite impressive. There are some great nods to the rest of the Valiant U in here, opening up other titles to take the ball and run with it in some fun ways and the final pages of this issue are jam packed with action.

Lewis LaRosa captures the post-apocalyptic-wasteland-everything-is-desolate-hell vibe very nicely. There’s some Mad Max feel here, which LaRosa does justice and the moments with Ray and Magic are well penciled. There are some inconsistent moments throughout, but overall the pencils do this story and world justice, and Brian Reber’s work does a great job solidifying the vibe of this story. I was really impressed by his colour work and how well it meshed with LaRosa’s pencil style. The two are a solid team and they kick this arc off with some nice work here.

Bloodshot Reborn #10 is a fun read. Sure, the post-apocalyptic-wasteland deal has been done before, but Lemire, LaRosa and Reber do it well enough that it doesn’t feel tired here. If anything, this book is full of excitement and any readers looking to jump onto Bloodshot have a great opportunity here. I’ll certainly be back for more.

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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