Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Patrick Zircher
Release Date: May 9, 2012

Captain America kicks off a new arc with issue #11 and sees Ed Brubaker paired with incoming artist Patrick Zircher. Brubaker is pulling Cap back into a little bit more of an espionage-based title with this first issue of the arc and it is a welcomed shift. Brubaker is at his absolute best when he is writing shadowy characters with shady agendas and the Star-Spangled Avenger in a race against time to find out what they are doing and how to stop them and #11 definitely gave me the sense that this is what readers can expect from this arc. For the first issue of the arc there where a few moments where I felt like I’d missed some pretty major information. I’m not sure if some of the holes are going to be filled in during subsequent issues, but when judging this issue on it’s own it did feel disjointed at times. I’m certainly not going to write off the series on something this small as it wouldn’t be the first time Ed Brubaker left out specific details on purpose and then used them to drive home major plot points later in an arc. As with all things Captain America, in Brubaker I will trust and continue reading this arc that will hopefully build on this well scripted issue.

On art detail we have Patrick Zircher who absolutely nails the tone of this book. Zircher’s pencils are solid from the first page to the last and his art really elevates this book from a good title to a great title. Shadows and some different angles keep this book visually appealing and I very much look forward to seeing more from Zircher. The art has not been this good on Captain America since Steve Epting left and it is great as a fan to see the quality pick back up on the book. If issue #11 is any indication, Captain America fans are in for a real treat with this creative team.

Verdict: 8.5/10


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