CAPA2012024_DC11jpg_Page1CAPTAIN AMERICA #24
Written by Rick Remender
Art by Carlos Pacheco, Paul Renaud
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 3, 2014

Rick Remender drives the Marvel Universe toward AXIS in this month’s Captain America, a strong issue featuring two artists that work well together to tell a cohesive & entertaining tale.

Steve Rogers continues to be on the sidelines of the action in this arc, but Captain America is not a weak read because of it. Rick Remender is putting a strong emphasis on the supporting cast and easing the title for the transition of the shield to Sam Wilson in the coming months very well. With how this story is progressing, such a shift feels organic and while some readers may feel it is irrelevant considering Steve will not be wielding the shield for the foreseeable future, they couldn’t be more wrong. Captain America #24 is full of huge events featuring a pair of the most iconic Captain America villains of all time and it is obvious there are going to be large ramifications for the Marvel Universe, and definitely Steve Rogers, with some of the information presented in this issue.

Rick Remender writes these characters well, his Zola an over the top madman and the Red Skull still barking at him with a tone of immense superiority. These two characters are dynamic when on the page together, and give this comic a “classic Cap” feel. Considering the state of Steve Rogers I found it interesting how a comic could feel classic while being the polar opposite, and I applaud Remender for striking such an unusual balance of tone. The supporting cast bring a lot of emotion to this issue and relationships that have developed in the past issues (and past decade) give this story a lot of power. Remender lets some moments hang in an almost freeze-frame manner while the weight of words sink in, and it is a very effective bit of storytelling. Readers who are well versed in Brubaker’s Captain America run will feel a great sense of hope for the future based on the state of some characters in this issue, and as someone who is a fan of Cap’s allies as much as Steve Rogers himself, I was very happy and intrigued by some of Remender’s teases. AXIS is promising to be big, and if Remender attacks that event with the same skill he has Uncanny Avengers and Captain America, it is sure to be a knock out.

Carlos Pacheco and Paul Renaud split art duties and the combination of their two styles works very well. The split is about 50/50, and editorial was shrewd to bring two artists together that have such similar styles. The Kirby-esque nature of Zola is captured very well by Pacheco and some of the heavy hitting emotional beats are knocked out of the park by Renaud. This story highlights the skills of each artist well, and they both handle the chaotic conflict that is occurring with ease. Dean White and Sonia Oback provide consistent colour tones to help unite the artwork and, considering the number of hands involved, readers are left with a very cohesive issue featuring well crafted artwork.

Remender, Pacheco and Renaud deliver a very strong chapter in the tale of Captain America with issue #24. As the title marches toward AXIS you can’t help but get excited and the character specific emotional beats that Remender is working into the title while building toward the massive conflict makes this book flat out entertaining.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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