Written by Rick Remender
Art by Carlos Pacheco, Stuart Immonen
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 1, 2014

Steve Rogers gets a send off and Sam Wilson is the latest character to wield the shield in Captain America #25 from Remender, Pacheco and Immonen.

Rick Remender splits this issue into two parts, giving Steve Rogers a send off to really wrap up this volume of Captain America, and then setting up some intrigue heading into All-New Captain America. He succeeds with both aspects of the issue, and it was nice to see Remender ease up on Steve to close out the volume. He’s put Steve (and Sharon) through hell in this time on the book, and transitioning them into their new roles in the Marvel Universe in a light hearted way was nice to read. I don’t know that anyone would be expecting a blazing finale considering the end of the last issue and the knowledge that the mantle was being handed over, and I applaud Remender for giving the first two thirds of this comic a very light hearted feel. It left me feeling that even though Steve is now without the serum and he’s an old timer, he’s happy. He and Sharon are happy and will continue to be functional characters in the Marvel Universe. For a long time Cap fan this was much appreciated and he throws some great barbs around in this issue about the worst kept “secret” in comics at the moment, that Sam was going to take the mantle from Steve.

There are some issues, continuity wise, but I will admit to not caring to resolve them. How this issue fits in with the events of Time Runs Out and the upcoming AXIS is quite irrelevant to me, to be honest. This is a send off for Steve Rogers as Captain America and a beginning of a new era for Sam Wilson, so minor details be damned. The last third of this comic got me so excited for the upcoming series that it washed away any questions I had about members that were present at the big bash and I will say whole heartedly that I am all in for All-New Captain America.

A big reason I am in for All-New Captain America is the artwork by Stuart Immonen. Immonen only pencils the final few pages of the issue, but they are dynamic and full of life. There is a mysterious threat that is going to give Sam a run for his money and Immonen sells it brilliantly. He and Remender show strong chemistry already, and All-New Captain America is going to be an easy book on the eyes. Carlos Pacheco is the primary penciler in Captain America #25 and he captures the jovial tone of the comic well, while maintaining the look and feel of the past few issues. The characters in this comic are noticeably laid back, and seeing heroes comfortable and joking in the presence of other heroes really makes the Marvel U feel like a community. We don’t see that often and Pacheco handles the job well. He closes his work on Captain America out on a high note and while there isn’t a ton of action in this comic, he keeps things interesting with strong layouts and detailed work throughout.

Captain America #25 isn’t the most high octane issue you’re going to read this week, but that’s not it’s purpose. This comic is meant to pass a torch, and it does so quite well. The epilogue for this volume of Captain America will have you craving All-New Captain America, and I found this issue was filled with something we aren’t seeing often in superhero comics these days: hope. The darkness of this volume has led to some light and for that I applaud Remender & co. for delivering a different pace and style of issue than what we’ve seen in Captain America. The future is bright, and I want All-New Captain America right bloody NOW!

The Verdict: 8.0/10


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