Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Daniel Acuna
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 14, 2015

During the reign of Steve Rogers, Captain America typically stayed out of the political fray. He often operated above partisan levels, doing what he felt was best for the country despite what was happening politically. Steve Rogers is not Captain America anymore and Sam Wilson is not capable of staying as quiet as his predecessor.

Nick Spencer is taking Sam down an interesting road, embracing some of the spirit of Steve’s Nomad days but making this a Captain America story that is truly unique to Sam Wilson. He’s not following in Steve’s footsteps fully and that makes for a fun read. The road Spencer is taking Sam down surprised me, but I really like where he’s headed with this. His dialogue is sharp and witty, with the charm of Superior Foes without some of the gags, but not so serious as to be stodgy and stale. This comic has an interesting tone for a superhero book and I think Spencer is coming at this character from an interesting angle. Sam’s not making many friends and he’s putting himself in a tough spot with those he has, but he is still Captain America and everything that comes with that mantle. This is a well written first issue and I’m intrigued by what Spencer has waiting in the wings for Captain America.

In the past, Daniel Acuna’s work and my eyes haven’t always gotten along. His heavy inking style and lack of detail didn’t work for me, but he’s changed his style for this series and I really like it. There is a lot more detail in here than some of his Avengers work, and I’d say there’s a shade of David Aja style thrown into the mix. He handles the funnier elements of the script well and makes Sam approachable, yet tough. This is, without a hesitation, my favourite work I’ve ever seen from Acuna and I think his work meshed with Spencer’s style to set an interesting tone for this comic. I like the colour palette Acuna uses throughout the issue as well. It is easy on the eyes and works well for the story being told.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #1 is a strong first issue with a great tone and new angle for the character. This isn’t just a “smash HYDRA” book. Sure, some snakes will get punched along the way, but Spencer and Acuna’s integration of Sam Wilson into modern day politics is well executed. For readers diving in, this is a nice first look at who this Captain America is with Sam wielding the shield and I will certainly be back for more.

The Verdict: 8.5/10


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One Comment;

  1. errant knight said:

    I agree in part. This is a different take and it feels far more in character for Sam than Remender’s run, bit are they seriously setting Steve up to be a guy who’s this by the book or defends vigilante racists? Bucky Cap worked because it didn’t tarnish Steve’s identity and because Bucky had compelling reasons for it to really matter to him. Sam feels like it’s a somewhat annoying job, and I’m really getting sick of Steve being used as a plot device and little more–not to mention that no one has written him in character since Brubaker, and some have butchered him. I really hope this comic isn’t going to be yet another run that does.