Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by David Lopez
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 12, 2014

CAPMARV2014001_DC11_LRThe Captain is suited up for another heart-bending series that will whisk you away to galaxies unknown. This first issue teases of things to come and the onset of the journey that brought her to a Mos Eisley style run-in far from Earth.

Kelly Sue DeConnick sets up this books with action and intrigue as the Captain is looking to get her hands on merchandise and protect a new friend. The fact that they seem to be going about it in a not exactly legal fashion, at least for this planet, has you question just what our golden pilot of action is up to. For those who are not familiar with Carol Danvers regular cast of characters, readers are quickly whisked back to Earth and given a basic overview of those closest to her: from her new residence and her new adorable house-guest to teasing and infuriating co-workers… plus a surprise special someone in her life that will completely take current fans by pleasant and sexy surprise! (SPOILER: It’s not Spider-man, sorry ladies.)

While the previous volumes of Captain Marvel, under other artists, took more of a stylistic approach, that wasn’t for all. David Lopez mixes up the art with a combination of style but familiar superhero design in this issue. This will probably provide a more familiar and broader based appeal to readers whose ability to appreciate the stories hindered on art before.  The delicately rendered faces are still expressive and fun to look at. Lee Loughridge has clear but tone-based colors, influenced by the type of lighting you would find in each scene. Shadows and lighting sell the pages with excitement and life.

The story continues to be littered with DeConnick’s trademark quips and wit. She reveals more about Danvers personal tastes and not-so-secret geek-thusiasms for readers who may have been unaware. Fighting, flying and cunning dialogue transport you on an adventure that makes you want to see just how Carol end up on the wrong end of a secret space police and where it will take her next. This action and determine filled beginning lays the groundwork for another strong emotionally based series that launches the adventure up into space.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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One Comment;

  1. Matt SantoriGriffith said:

    I share my views on this issue pretty succinctly on the upcoming We Talk Comics podcast, but as a #1, this issue was really problematic. There was no sense given as to who all the characters were that surrounded Carol (outside of the obvious two Avengers, of course), and I felt the art was very rushed, or at the least, unfinished. If this had been a #13, I’d probably have a very different take. But it wasn’t. As an introduction, it doesn’t seem to do the job at all.