Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Patrick Olliffe
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date September 18, 2013

CAPMARV2012016_DC11_LR_Page1Captain Marvel might be struggling with the question, “Where is the love?” for her teammates, but she hasn’t forgotten how much of a badass she is in battle. This latest issue continues the Infinity fallout from the Battle of the Corridor that happened in Avengers #18 as well as Captain Marvel #15.

This issue does a great job of providing necessary exposition for those who may not be following along with Infinity. However, it does so without making it feel like the plot has to make a pit-stop to tell all. Explanations for how Carol’s Binary powers have returned, how everyone was captured, and why she knows who her teammates are but not caring for them are scattered at just the right moments. Bigger reveals are also hidden, further into the story, of the end-game for the ‘would-be’ gods of Mars, who have captured our heroes, making their way closer to Earth.

Patrick Olliffe’s art has quickly become my favorite for the lady with many hairstyles (to say Captain Marvel has had lots of hair is an understatement.) The artwork has clean, flattering lines. Andy Troy’s colors help to keep the scene bright and vibrant despite the ensuing space-battle black filling up opening backgrounds.

Along with all this action is the reminder that Carol Danvers is not completely sure whom she really is, when it comes to personality (a fallout from the Enemy Within crossover.) She makes it clear that all she knows is what she has read. However, there is another character that DeConnick makes a point of highlighting because she can help Danvers reclaim her former-self: Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. The dynamic between these previous B.F.F.s continues to bloom on the page. It’s a great introduction to their relationship and interaction for readers who many not be familiar with the back and forth banter that happens with both of them. It brings chuckles and if you have friends like that it leaves you with warm-fuzzies, despite the group’s possibly impending doom. This combination of continuing Carol’s own storyline seamlessly with such a far reaching series gives you a sense of completeness. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading Infinity or not, you can easily follow what is happening.

Smart aleck remarks, space fights, and exploding ships equal a book that is all fun and adventure, without any previous reading really required. Whether you are following Infinity, Captain Marvel or just looking for a book to jump on-board the Captain Marvel fan train with, this issue delivers for any level of reader.

Verdict: 10/10


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