Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kelly Thompson
Art by Laura Braga, Paolo Pantalena, Lee Loughridge
Published by Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 23, 2015

All the feels…

Carol and the Banshees with Rhodey in tow are on the run from the Thors. Kit and Carol have a heart to heart and fist to fist while Helen and Rhodey launch a gambit to throw off Doom’s military force. The rest of the Banshees knock the Thors off course as Kit cover’s Carol and the Banshees quite literally aim for the stars.

Holy wow this issue was astounding. It was action packed and held so much of Carol’s essence within every page. One of my first thoughts after reading the issue was how it was able to showcase the stellar parts of Carol, but also how she has a knack for connecting with others and building them up. I’m reminded of how she was Jessica Jones and Jessica Drew’s shoulder for so many years, even after surviving her own trauma.

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson wrote an excellent story that has so many hidden gems. The faces are diverse and they effortlessly illustrated what it means to be part of the Carol Corps. There are very real emotions running through every panel, and Carol does what she does best by being real, being courageous, but also being compassionate. She is unafraid and always willing to stand up for the people she loves. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson used a tie-in to demonstrate the impact Carol has, whether on the page or in our world, and that will never be lost on me.

Laura Braga, Paolo Pantalena and Lee Loughridge’s art is so bright and vivid and I loved every bit of it. The feel of earlier issues fits with their tone, but the fact that the art of Carol Corps #4 was so lively and energetic had to be every bit of deliberate. The brilliant colors help to enhance the sense of freedom and independence Carol and the Banshees are fighting for. Every outline is calculated and distinct, creating a dramatic and powerful scene from start to finish.

Seeing so many different women, and Rhodey, was yet another breath of fresh air coming from a comic. I’m a sucker for variety in characters and wow did this issue deliver. The Banshees, Carol, and Kit all have different and varied identities. Having Blackness represented in these pages as prominent was another amazing element for me. Carol Corps #4 did an excellent job of bringing in different portrayals of women, including the Banshees’ reactions to reaching the Void. Even in the same groups, we are all human, and that one panel captured how different our reactions can be to anything, something I feel is important as representation grows and expands, especially for comics.

Finishing this issue of Carol Corps, I was hit hard. I knew Kelly Sue was leaving but I didn’t expect this issue to be a love letter to the Carol Corps. Ever since I discovered Carol through Marvel Ultimate Alliance I’ve been enamored and she has meant so much to me. I wear her star on my shoulder to represent strength through strife and struggle, how to remake yourself after tragedy and trauma. The end of this issue so perfectly captures how Carol’s image and power resonates with me to the point that I’m on the verge of tears.

I know Carol will still be around, but Kelly Sue DeConnick did something so spectacular with her. Just like Brian Reed worked to rebuild Carol, Kelly Sue tapped into her inner power to bring Carol back on top, showing us the value of Carol and the Star and what it means to take hold of your own reservoir of power and reach the stars.

The Verdict: 9.0/10


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